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Useful tips on sport. Articles about sports food (how to grow thin and gain weight), exercise machines, clothes, footwear, etc. sport goods. And also information about summer, winter, water, strength sports.
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Exercises with an expander Exercises
Упражнения с эспандеромYou need to grow thin, pump up muscles or to tighten a body? Pay the attention to an expander. You should not treat this quite simple exercise machine with neglect. will convince you that by means of trainings with an expander it is possible to achieve magnificent results - women thanks to this exercise machine grow thin, men become stronger also than the relyefny.
As it is correct to be wrung out Exercises
Как правильно отжиматьсяYou dream of a beautiful body? There are many effective and available ways to come nearer to the purpose. One of them is push-up. Give daily a little time for training, and in a month you will see how your body will change. Do not trust? Check! And will help you with it.
How to learn to ride the bicycle Summer types
Как научиться кататься на велосипедеAll know that if once it turned out to be passed by bicycle, now it will always turn out. But what to do if in the childhood it was not presented to opportunity to sit down on this two-wheeled type of transport? Forever to lose pleasure "to dissect" on a baize? Of course, no! To learn to ride the bicycle it is possible at any age, there would be a desire.
Exercises with dumbbells Exercises
Упражнения с гантелямиYour dream came true - you came to the sports hall. Around there are a lot of different exercise machines. With what to begin training? From heavy loading or from warm-up? There is a lot of questions. Experts advise to start occupations from easy exercises with application of dumbbells.
System of isometric exercises Exercises
Система изометрических упражненийThere is an established opinion supposedly there is no free time – there is aimlessly spent time. The thesis equally concerns weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. For achievement of desirable result it is necessary to get out available opportunities.
Occupations by a stretching Exercises
Занятия стретчингомIn the world exists many kinds of aerobics, a stretching – one of them. It is a set of exercises which is directed on extension of muscles. Its distinctive feature is imitation of natural movements of the person, for example, of pandiculations after a dream or long sedentary work. Choosing this set of exercises, you will bring the muscles into a tone and revitalize all organism.
How to clean fat from hands Exercises
Как убрать жир с рукGraceful beautiful handles – a standard of female beauty but what to do if they massive and big? How to get rid of excess fat on hands, without having pumped up thus huge muscles which well will not suit the woman in any way? Where to find that side which will give to handles feminity? Let's speak today how to put hands in order.
How to choose a sleeping bag Sports goods
Как выбрать спальный мешокFans of travel, gathering in a campaign, start doubting: "What things with itself to take that weight and a backpack was minimum, and not to freeze at night?". For a night outdoor recreation there are special sleeping bags.
Knee-bends for weight loss Exercises
Приседания для похуденияThe nature disposed so that extra kilos in a female organism first of all settle on a stomach, the top part of feet and buttocks. In Russia ability of the woman to conceive, take out and give birth to the child was estimated according to her external data: the hips and buttocks at the young lady are more magnificent, the she "is more fertile". However this fact does not console modern ladies at all – 90-60-90 above all!
Kegel's exercises at pregnancy Exercises
Упражнения Кегеля при беременностиIn the first half of the XX century the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel developed system of exercises on strengthening of muscles of genitals. The complex of similar occupations is nowadays applied in various areas of medicine and used by people of a different floor and age. It is considered that these trainings are especially useful and actual for the women who are in situation.
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