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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
Family: all articles
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Breastfeeding, councils to mothers
Грудное вскармливание, советы мамамIt is known that knowledge – force. Here therefore I also decided to share all accumulated knowledge of breastfeeding with future and taken place mothers. Long ago it is proved that no adapted mix, will replace maternal milk. Therefore any mother who cares about health of the child, has to nurse it only!
Early development of children
Раннее развитие детейWe want that our kids were comprehensively developed, could achieve independently goals and, eventually, simply found the place in such big and difficult world. Presently there is a set of techniques of development of children. And it will be rather difficult to many parents not to be lost among them.
Purchase of clothes for newborns
Покупка одежды для новорожденныхHere it is long-awaited happiness – you will have a child. Time goes, and euphoria is succeeded by concern what is required to your child in the first days and months of life how to equip the child's corner what to choose clothes? In this article will tell you about that, in what to dress kids in their first year of life.
Burglaries: how to protect itself
Квартирные кражи: как защитить себяBurglaries – the most often committed crimes against property. They, most often remain unsolved. Therefore it is easier to prevent any theft, than after to look for the stolen. It is optional to turn the house into unapproachable fortress for this purpose at all. Sometimes it is enough to show a little vigilance, ingenuities and sharpnesses.
What to do if neighbors flooded
Что делать, если затопили соседиYou were flooded! And God grant, that everything was limited to one spot! And there are also worst cases. For example, the small stream promptly fills the apartment, subjecting to the influence new carpets, wall-paper, household appliances. "Who is guilty? What to do?" - standard questions in such situation. will try to give answers.
How to become good parents
Как стать хорошими родителямиMost likely, many will agree that parents not to become difficult. You have anybody and will never ask to show the diploma about vocational education when you awake to take away the child from maternity hospital. Anybody and will never arrange you examination regarding your professional suitability as parent. A question how to become good parents?
Development of bases of the speech in the child
Развитие основ речи у ребенкаIt is necessary to be engaged in education and development of the child from first years of his life. Today we will talk that it is necessary to do to develop such major component in life of your kid – as the speech. Remember, how your child will speak, depends on you. So, we will consider in more detail.
How to save money
Как экономить деньгиThe person will not begin to save without the reason seen on that. Usually we want to save up money for the car, the apartment, holiday, but not always it turns out. assures that there are hundreds of tricks, knowing which you will be able to cope with this hard task. We will talk only about the main, the most applicable to everyday life of most of people.
How to diversify everyday life of family life
Как разнообразить будни семейной жизниEveryday life of a young family will concern all who moves towards creation of own family. is sure that that who is already connected by marriage bonds, for certain, is that most to tell about a variety and monotony of family life. Family joint life can be diversified at the main thing and the most important condition – at desire to bring both bright minutes in the house, in life both.
How to bring an order to the house
Как навести порядок в домеLook back around. On a table and a floor magazines are scattered. Right there the footwear and dirty socks which are thrown off last night roll. The disorder significantly complicates life. will not open for you anything new if tells that it is much easier to find everything when you know as where lies. When the disorder reigns in the house, you should use more efforts to searches of the necessary thing.
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