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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Cultivation of carrots
Выращивание морковиPerhaps, not to do without bright and juicy carrots at preparation of soup, a borsch, marinades, vegetable stews. And in many salads important ingredient is considered this bright root crop. Legends say that in the Middle Ages the crackling carrot was considered as a delicacy of little gnomes, they were ready to exchange this vegetable for gold ingots.
Application of a dolomitic flour
Применение доломитовой мукиIn shops for gardeners packages with a dolomitic flour now are actively bought up. Soils at many on sites sour, here also take this means for lime application. However, not all know that it for substance as it is correct to use it. Here in brief will also tell about this limy fertilizer, valuable to many cultures, the purposes of its entering into the soil.
Useful properties of passion fruit
Полезные свойства маракуйиPassion fruit grows exotic fruit in Brazil, however thanks to the useful properties, it found broad application in all countries of Europe. Everyone can sate an organism with useful minerals and elements, simply enjoying taste and aroma of this juicy fruit.
Cultivation of delphiniums from seeds
Выращивание дельфиниумов из семянUsually people who like blue of heavens, are not indifferent to delphiniums – blue, dark blue, violet. In them some mysticism, depth, perfection, a pacification is combined. This impressive beauty can be grown up on the garden site or about it - in a front garden that is placed with the house.
Useful properties of cherry
Полезные свойства вишниIn the Russian gardens cherry is the queen among fruit and berry trees as useful properties of this culture are highly appreciated since ancient times. Folk healers knew that it is possible to cure many diseases not only broths and berries tinctures, bark and leaves of cherry, but even having simply leaned against a tree.
Useful properties of a ramson
Полезные свойства черемшиAll of us with some special awe wait when at our dachas there are vegetables and berries: radish, cucumbers, vegetable marrows, honeysuckle, strawberry, onions, greens. But we will be content so far with that the nature from the wood gives us. There is a grassy tasty plant called by a ramson there.
Primroses, cultivation and leaving
Примулы, выращивание и уходMessengers of long-awaited spring it is possible to call primroses. Now they meet everywhere – on a country site, in park, on beds at different buildings. Especially beautifully they look in group landings – bright spots of different coloring in an environment of violets, daisies, tulips are from far away visible. Or as a fringing if are put on lawn perimeter, along borders or paths.
Cultivation a rose rod from seeds
Выращивание шток розы из семянAt the time of my childhood the rod could almost be met a rose in each front garden, near a gate, before an entrance to the rural house, along the fences surrounding country sites. Girls then called magnificent and bright florets (similar to ball dresses or fashionable hats) and buds "dolls" and used for games.
Cultivation of onions
Выращивание лукаHostesses know, it is how important that houses always there were onions. We by all means add it at preparation of a set of dishes – we put in soups, vegetable stew, salads, forcemeat for meatballs and cutlets … And for health it brings benefit. Someone buys onions, and others grow up it on a country site.
Narcissuses, landing and leaving
Нарциссы, посадка и уходAfter long winter so much want heat and the sun. And gardeners missed the country sites. And on beds and along paths they are already met by the blossoming crocuses, snowdrops. By the end of April seek to show the delicate and graceful flowers narcissuses.
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