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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Advantage and harm of sunflower seeds
Польза и вред семечекI think that there will be among readers admirers of sunflower seeds. As it is pleasant to settle down in a convenient chair in front of the TV, holding in hand the attracting bag with desire pogryzt that inside. Yes, whatever you may say, and sunflower seeds can be ranked as national Russian dishes. But there will be also such people who not so are feeding love to "podsolnushka". Sunflower seeds are so useful or harmful?
Shawarma in house conditions
Шаурма в домашних условияхShawarma – popular "having a snack" among youth today. It is quite often possible to see even turn under a booth with a tempting inscription "Shawarma". If you like shawarma or your children often ask it to buy, try to prepare this dish in house conditions. It rather simply and will not take a lot of your time.
How to prepare house fermented baked milk
Как приготовить домашнюю ряженкуRoll with fermented baked milk – classics of taste, it is difficult to refuse this delicacy at any age. The special savor to fermented baked milk is added by an appetizing crust which is present only at a house product. Unfortunately, it is possible to buy house fermented baked milk not always. And whether you know, what is not difficult to prepare fermented baked milk in house conditions at all?!
Useful properties of a turmeric
Полезные свойства куркумыWhether you use the yellow-orange powder of a turmeric capable to add a dish with a peculiar taste, to paint in golden shades and to allocate with useful properties? This spice will be the heroine of my story today. Today this spice is actively studied, and is already proved that it is capable to keep health, beauty and youth of the person for many years.
Useful properties of red pepper
Полезные свойства красного перцаI believe that in kitchen on a shelf with spices it is possible to find modestly standing jar with chili powder in many hozyayushka. Not with only one piquancy and sharpness this spice allocates food, but also curative properties. Having read this information, many who did not appreciate pepper, will like to it respect and will use more often in the food.
Pie from cookies and cottage cheese
Торт из печенья и творогаThis recipe will be estimated by mummies of small gourmets, and also everything who likes to surprise house and guests with new tasty desserts. After all already you will surprise nobody with store pies, napoleona and the Prague pies too tried everything. And here not everyone is familiar with a tasty cheesecake. Preparation of this pie from cookies and cottage cheese will demand about half an hour of your time.
Dishes with mushrooms
Блюда с грибамиMushrooms won popularity in cookery today. And the reason of general love to mushroom dishes is covered that mushrooms can be bought in any grocery shop, differ in special and unique taste, are economically available to all and everyone, are combined with the mass of other products. What it is possible to prepare from mushrooms simply and quickly?
How to prepare cream of wheat
Как приготовить манную кашуWhen to us suggest to eat cream of wheat, at once there are associations connected with the childhood. Today superiority of cream of wheat in a children's diet is called into question. Young mothers prefer to feed children with buckwheat, oat, corn cereal. And what semolina? Whether it is worth entering it into a diet? Certainly, cream of wheat is necessary, but it is necessary to cook it correctly.
Pie Smetannik, classical recipe
Торт Сметанник, классический рецептVery impressive number of people is considered a favourite pie of "Smetannik", after all it is so familiar to all since the childhood! But in spite of the fact that very few people do not know the recipe of this swept-away dessert, it is not necessary to be surprised that people will start arguing concerning correctness of its preparation, after all practically each hostess has the personal original recipe!
Graten from potatoes with meat
Гратен из картофеля с мясомAnd sometimes you come from work tired, and there is a wish for something madly tasty, meat and nourishing. We took into account these aspects therefore today we will prepare something actually standing, original. It is about the gratena with potatoes and mincemeat. Graten is ideally suited both as a garnish, and as a main course on any table.
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