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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to get rid of a lock
Как избавиться от запораThere are subjects which discussion demands the careful and tactful relation. One of such subjects is a lock, namely a chair delay more, than for 48 hours, or the complicated incomplete depletion of intestines. Yes, of course, it not the fatal illness, but such state can bring a lot of discomfort in everyday life.
What to do if gums bleed
Что делать, если кровоточат десныHaving found blood on a toothbrush one morning, you, probably, were upset. But after toothbrushing of a gum ceased to krovit. It does not mean that the problem disappeared! Bleeding of gums can lead to loss of teeth and very terrible, badly giving in to treatment stomatologic diseases. The first question which should be set to themselves if with gums – "Why bleed?".
How to keep to the child sight
Как сохранить ребенку зрениеInformation streams of the modern world literally force down from feet already at children's age. The TV, the computer, various gadgets – young young growth faces it daily, but except entertainments and skills, receives very notable blow to sight. Add to it school hours behind a school desk, homeworks, reading.
How to choose the rehabilitation center after a stroke in Moscow
Как выбрать реабилитационный центр после инсульта в МосквеToday in Moscow there are rehabilitation centers for recovery of patients after a stroke applying front lines and the checked techniques. It is the extremely important that such rehabilitation center applied an integrated approach, had experience in application of many productive modern techniques on social adaptation, psychological preparation.
The crowns applied in stomatology
Коронки, применяемые в стоматологииThe choice of suitable crowns is carried out individually by the doctor the stomatologist-orthopedist during consultation, however you need to possess information on characteristics of widely used crowns, and also on their positive and negative properties. This information will relieve you of unnecessary questions on reception, will reduce fear of the unknown.
How to bring out of hard drinking
Как вывести из запояAs it sadly sounds, practically each of us heard the phrase "Went to hard drinking". Each next day for the drinking person is worse and more painful previous as alcoholic intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases. Let's try to prompt, by what methods it is possible to help effectively the person at his conclusion from hard drinking.
Anesthesia in stomatology
Анестезия в стоматологииDespite achievements of modern stomatology in the field of effective anesthesia, the potential patient all the same has doubts that all procedures in a stomatologic office will be absolutely painless. Anesthesia affects each specific person not always unambiguously. Approach to an anesthetic choice by the doctor is carried out strictly individually.
Use of propolis
Применение прополисаIn the market (or at them at home) it is possible to buy such remarkable substance as propolis from beekeepers. Some it are called by "bee glue", "pitch". It has a pleasant specific smell of the first spring buds of a poplar. In recent years interest in this substance considerably increased. Physicians recognized it as a natural (!) antibiotic of a natural origin.
As it is correct to brush teeth
Как правильно чистить зубыAny disease it is easier to warn, than to treat. From this point of view stomatologic services take nearly the leading positions. It is much simpler to prevent development of caries or a periodontal disease, than then to become the regular customer of the stomatologist. We will tell you about the simplest (but from it not less important!) ways to keep healthy teeth, a beautiful smile.
Stimulators for an organism
Стимуляторы для организмаWe try to be at once in several places, to be engaged in several kinds of activity. The young organism is able to cope with a chronic sleep debt and lack of healthy nutrition. It is necessary "to urge on" only a little it. In what stimulators and "power engineering specialists" use in the time people modern everywhere, and we suggest to understand.
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