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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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What is the miopiya
Что такое миопияMiopiya is such anomaly of sight at which the person indistinctly sees the subjects located in the distance. One more name of this disease more widespread – short-sightedness.
Candidiasis at children
Кандидоз у детейCandidiasis or as it is called still, the milkwoman very often meets at newborns and kids. Generally those children in which mothers the fungal infection was found directly during pregnancy face this problem. And if not to pay due attention to the treatment, at the time of delivery the kid will catch candidiasis.
Treatment of chronic cholecystitis
Лечение хронического холециститаChronic cholecystitis gives trouble to much, from it suffer from 17% to 22% of total number of adult population of our planet – statistical data of the last years are that. Therefore decided to tell in detail the readers about it, about its symptoms, signs, the emergence reasons. You will find in article also recommendations about treatment.
Fimoz at boys
Фимоз у мальчиковAny illness of the kid frightens his parents – be it banal cold or something is more serious.
Treatment of a fungus standing
Лечение грибка на ногахToday this quite widespread disease. It will difficult respond to treatment and can constantly renew.
Embolization of uterine arteries
Эмболизация маточных артерийIn modern gynecology and obstetrics more than 20 years as a stop of postoperative and postnatal bleedings the embolization of uterine arteries is applied.
Prevention of platypodia
Профилактика плоскостопияPlatypodia – not a harmless illness as it is considered to be. Its prevalence at people depresses and sets thinking.
What is AIDS and HIV
Что такое СПИД и ВИЧEpidemic of the most unclear and horrible disease of the present began more than twenty years ago. The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome called by AIDS which was called "plague of the 20th eyelid" represents big threat to mankind to this day. Its prompt distribution and lack of possibility of treatment represent an enormous problem of modern medicine.
How to bring down high temperature
Как сбить высокую температуруNormal body temperature of the person fluctuates ranging from 36,5 to 36,8 degrees Celsius. Its decrease, mainly, says that the organism does not have enough own resources for development of thermal energy.
Treatment of kalkulezny cholecystitis
Лечение калькулезного холециститаKalkulezny cholecystitis is the disease causing formation of stones in a gall bladder. Kalkulyozny cholecystitis has also another, the found name - cholelithiasis is more frequent.
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