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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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How to get rid of moles
Как избавиться от кротовMoles are small small animals who lead an underground life. These animals lay underground tunnels with an exit to a surface. Moving underground, moles exterminate worms, bugs, larvae, slugs and other insects who live in the fertile chernozem.
As it is correct to grow up seedling of a petunia
Как правильно выращивать рассаду петунииBright flowers of a petunia are pleasant to much as they have various shades, magnificently and long blossom, have pleasant aroma and, to all other, are unpretentious. The petunia, really, is quite harmonious plant, but not all can admire it on the bed...
Astilba, cultivation and leaving
Астильба, выращивание и уходMuch of us want that the country site pleased not only a generous crop, but also beautiful flowers. Here also we try to allocate places for tulips, narcissuses, a klematis, pansies. We allocate to the majority of garden cultures and flowers solar territories. But what to put in a shadow? Remarkable option – graceful astilba. For every taste it is possible to pick up a suitable grade.
Advantage of a radish
Польза редискиThe small pink or red balls, early root crops sitting the whole day in the dark underground, and above having an emerald tops of vegetable, impacting juicy relish to spring salad … At once it is clear that all this is told about a radish. Except excellent tastes, juiciness, a hrustkost at a ruddy root crop many medicinal properties are revealed, it is a high time to talk about them in the spring.
Cultivation of a tsiniya from seeds
Выращивание цинии из семянTo flower growers the decorative tsiniya belonging to Astrov' family help to create a palette of a summer garden, rich in rich colors. Seeing a variety of tsiniya, apparently, that the nature tried to enclose all bright and saturated paints of summer in one flower.
Landing of currant
Посадка смородиныProbably, there is no such garden site on which the place for a currant bush would not be taken away. Fragrant mature berries are tasty and useful as fresh summer, and in various preparations in the winter. And if you only just got a country site for the family, we advise you by all means to allocate there a place for currant.
Advantage of grapefruit
Польза грейпфрутаThis fruit, rich in vitamin C, is very useful. It relieves of many diseases, is a part of numerous diets, has pleasant taste. Today will tell about useful properties of grapefruit.
Useful properties of a mulberry
Полезные свойства шелковицыMulberry better known among the people under the name a mulberry. This tree comes from Middle Eastern edge, after all its useful properties were open in ancient Persia. Long since black sweet fruits not only were eaten, but also used for preparation of a set of the national drugs and medicines curing a number of illnesses.
Cultivation of a radish
Выращивание редискиIt is impossible to present our dining table in the spring and in the summer without dishes which the juicy and crackling radish from the bed enters. These are various salads, okroshka with kvass in hot day. Bright korneplodik so appetizingly look that simply ask for a mouth. The organism feels that thus it is possible to fill shortage of important microcells and vitamins, to improve digestion, a metabolism.
Cultivation of pansies
Выращивание анютиных глазокIt is possible to tell that one of the first places among the early, brightly blossoming plants is occupied by the small modest pansies at times having original core. Now their violet, blue, blue, orange, yellow, red, white, spotty florets are scattered by motley small groups in park zones, on beds at entrances of high-rise buildings, on country sites …
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