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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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Recipe of pork roll
Рецепт свиного рулетаToday I will tell you about an interesting and simple dish – pork roll with a stuffing from prunes, dried apricots, raisin and a tamarind. The stuffing for this dish, in fact, can be taken any: or only prunes, dried apricots, raisin, or all together – too turns out very tasty. The way of preparation practically differs in nothing. Today I near at hand had a raisin and a tamarind.
Recipes of rolls from eggplants
Рецепты рулетов из баклажановEggplants can be found on a counter of any supermarket, but the few know, this vegetable is how useful. An eggplant – quite low-calorie product, thus it contains all necessary vitamins and microcells. Also eggplants are irreplaceable at weight loss. And the article I want to offer readers some recipes of rolls from eggplants with various stuffing.
Recipes of salads from fresh vegetables
Рецепты салатов из свежих овощейWith approach of spring also the first symptoms of avitaminosis at people are shown. And no wonder, for long winter time the organism already missed fresh fruit and vegetables. Let's make of them simple and tasty salads. Today our review is devoted to salads from the fresh vegetables which are not exposed to thermal treatment. Fresh vegetables keep the maximum set of vitamins.
Preparation of a dessert Pie ice cream
Приготовление десерта Торт-мороженое Idle time in preparation, but I prepared very tasty pie for the daughter on birthday. Worthy replacement of a usual pie turned out and if to consider that there was a hot weather, such refreshing cake of all very much pleased. Especially children estimated a pie ice cream – nobody refused an additive. And you can add to it favourite ingredients, and your, author's pie will turn out.
How to prepare house lemonade
Как приготовить домашний лимонадWhat can be during a heat zhelanny the cool refreshing lemonade? When we feel thirst, feet involuntarily bear us to the nearest shop with soft drinks. But how to be that to whom the use of sweet factory drinks is contraindicated? I found a way out for the family – I cook tasty lemonade from natural products.
Recipe of pie and green onions pies
Рецепт пирога и пирожков с зеленым луком The abundance of fresh green onions and pleases in the spring hostesses in the summer. After all the green onions are capable to add any salad or to enrich with vitamins already ready first course. I like to use green onions and in the form of a stuffing for pies, pies or pancakes. In this article I want to share with readers of the recipe of my favourite pies with a stuffing from green onions.
How to dry fish in house conditions
Как вялить рыбу в домашних условияхIt is possible to dry fish in a garden, at dacha, on a balcony of your apartment if it does not come to the central street, on an attic. Of course, the vyaleniye in house conditions – business not absolutely simple, but at observance of recommendations and in process of acquisition of some experience and skills will turn out not worse or maybe many times better, than the dried fish bought in shop.
Recipes of pies with cheese
Рецепты пирогов с сыромThe advantage of cheese is caused by that proteins, the fats, minerals and vitamins necessary for a human body are its part. Cheese is not only a useful and tasty product, it is very well combined with other products and decorates any dish. I would like to share with couple of simple recipes of very tasty pies with cheese.
Useful properties and preparation of chick-pea
Полезные свойства и приготовление нутаWhether you paid the attention to the roundish beans similar to usual peas, but it is more by the size, on sale in greengroceries or at dealers in the market? Whether know, what it is valuable foodstuff chick-pea? In this article we will tell you in more detail about this leguminous culture and useful properties of the brownish fruits helping to strengthen health.
Recipe of a green borsch
Рецепт зеленого борщаYou want to diversify the menu and to add to it as much as possible vitamin greens? I suggest to stop the attention on a green borsch with a sorrel. This dish prepares quickly enough, and it turns out very nourishing and tasty. Besides, the borsch with a sorrel turns out very useful, thanks to the "green ingredients" containing in this soup in enough.
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