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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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How to choose travel agency References
Как выбрать турагентствоThe winter came to an end also the majority of us, having opened daily logs, made record – "To think of holiday". It is no secret that presently everything who can afford it – carry out a two-three of summer weeks abroad. We hope that our councils will help you to be defined by how it is better with advantage for sincere and corporal health to organize holiday.
Rest in the Pike perch, the Crimea Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Судаке, КрымThe pike perch is one of the most picturesque and solar places in the Crimea. The resort is on the bank of the Black Sea in the Sudaksky valley which from all directions is surrounded with mountains. Thanks to it, here seldom there are rains that cannot but please arrived behind the sun and the sea. The main sight of the Pike perch is the Genoa fortress.
Rest in China (Shanghai, Xian, Suzhou) Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Китае (Шанхай, Сиань, Сучжоу)China was for me not the first Asian experience – after India, Nepal and Mongolia it seemed that anything especially will not surprise. I also could not imagine as far as was mistaken. It appeared what exactly it is necessary to go behind the present "cultural shock" here. It overtook me in the first day in Shanghai, as if a lightning stroke.
Air flights ch.3, (flight) References
Авиаперелеты ч.3, (перелет)Air flight for those who decided to go to travel by plane for the first time, in actual fact not such simple occupation. Purchase of the air ticket brings a lot of trouble even upon those who already at least once flew. Do not think that we want you to intimidate – avipereleta and without ours much not on temper. We have absolutely other purpose: to tell that it is necessary to know for travel.
Winter rest in Zakopane, Poland Hotels and hotels
Зимний отдых в Закопане, ПольшаWhere to go to ski in New year so that and strongly did not hit the pocket and pleasures could be received the sea?! Having reflected over versions of answers to this question, decided to move towards our next neighbors – to Poland. On a ski resort we reached by train Kiev-Lviv and bus Lviv-Zakopane.
Air flights ch.2, (rules of flight) References
Авиаперелеты ч.2, (правила перелета)Continuing the story about air flights, we will try to inform to readers useful data on the basic rules of travel by the air transport. New to yourself you learn something, having studied rules of transportation of baggage and animals. In interests of ensuring safe and comfortable flight rules of flight of passengers which knowledge is obligatory are developed.
Air flights p.1, (air tickets) References
Авиаперелеты ч.1, (авиабилеты)You go to travel according to the permit, or perhaps decided to fly simply on a visit to expecting you native to other city or the country long ago? What way it is best of all to use that quickly and with comfort to reach the right place? Of course, plane! In a number of the articles will try to tell about all subtleties concerning air flights.
Cairo excursion to pyramids, Egypt Rounds and excursions
Каирская экскурсия к пирамидам, ЕгипетWe decided to order big excursion to Cairo to pyramids through the tour operator. Even in spite of the fact that the previous two excursions (sea walk on the island the Tyrant and a safari on the desert) were ordered in local travel agencies which passed quite successfully. Without having waited for the promised liner, we had to go to Cairo in a usual minibus.
Excursions of Egypt, desert safari Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии Египта, пустынное сафариOne of excursions which offers any travel agency of Egypt respecting itself is "A safari on ATVs on the desert". Of course, we considered that a sin to refuse such adventure, especially to have a rest on the Sinai Peninsula and not to see the Sinai desert – somehow unreasonably.
Excursions of Egypt, island Tyrant Rounds and excursions
Экскурсии Египта, остров ТиранAbout Egypt I had heard a lot before flight from numerous friends, from telecasts and commercials inviting in different ways there still long before. At once on an arrival to this special and legendary country to the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, after settling in Sheraton Sharm Resort 4 hotel * I quickly attended to the excursion program.
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