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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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Work in days off and holidays Work
Работа в выходные и праздничные дниEach worker needs the weekly rest called by the days off, is a fact of common knowledge. Is much and others the "obvious truth" concerning professional activity in days off and holidays. Meanwhile to check the knowledge regarding their compliance to the current legislation almost always happens useful.
Dancing rugs for children Rest and entertainments
Танцевальные коврики для детейStandard dancing rugs are designed for children of 5 years and for adults... to 99. Dancing rugs happen on a firm basis, but they expensive therefore are less widespread. I will describe a usual, soft rug. Material of which it is made, anti-sliding, with the put drawing. Sensitive indicators which react to a touch are built in a rug.
What to present to the father on birthday Holidays
Что подарить папе на день рожденияThe person who presented you life, the house and surname, is worthy attention and care. Show love and attention according to the full program at birthday of the father. Do not postpone search of gifts, be prepared in advance, perhaps, even carry out "developing attack" by means of mother. Present to the head of the family of what he dreams long ago, try to organize together everything for him a holiday.
What to present to the husband on birthday Holidays
Что подарить мужу на день рожденияThe matrimony – difficult piece and when you share with someone a roof over the head, daily efforts, responsibility for children, household problems, is often difficult to find time and forces it is simple to rejoice each other. Also therefore birthday of the spouse – a special holiday. It is additional opportunity to show attention to the beloved.
Review of the animated film Keepers of dreams Cinema
Рецензия на мультфильм Хранители сновIt appears, old kind fantastic heroes, such as Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Rabbit and the Sand Person enter the certain secret fantastic order urged to protect mankind from powers of darkness. Ice Jack should play the advanced role in a fantastic militia. It has to be defined, on whose party to it to rise – is kind or angry.
What to present to the grandmother on birthday Holidays
Что подарить бабушке на день рожденияGrandmother. You tell this word, and at heart grows warm from memoirs when were children, how many different stories we worried together with our grandmothers. The grandmother indulged us in the childhood, and now when we grew up, time came to change over. To birthday you have an opportunity to please the grandmother not only the attention, and and gifts.
Refusal in employment Work
Отказ в приеме на работуEmployment – procedure through which most of adults had to pass, and not once. But legal regulation of this process for many citizens remains secret behind seven seals that does not allow them to protect effectively the rights and adequately to estimate requirements imposed by employers to applicants for vacant post.
What to present to the chief on birthday Holidays
Что подарить начальнику на день рожденияIn my opinion, search of gifts very fascinating occupation. If, of course, to approach this question it is competent: from shares of humour, responsibility and common sense. To select a gift for the chief on birthday – business difficult and quite ticklish, but difficulties should not frighten or confuse you. Treat it as to an entertaining problem, a professional question.
How to get rid of a mold in the apartment It is useful to know
Как избавиться от плесени в квартиреThe mold is capable to create an array of problems to the ordinary inhabitant. It spoils wall-paper, wooden products, is the reason of an unpleasant smell of linen and a characteristic unpleasant smell in the apartment. And fight against a mold – long and expensive pleasure. But it is necessary to fight and to do it in a complex. Do not think that someone will prompt you wonderful solution.
How to celebrate birthday of the child in 7 years Holidays
Как отметить день рождения ребенка в 7 летAll children different, nobody will undertake to challenge this truth. However there are a lot of things that they are united, for example: love to pleasures and entertainments. Each child likes to have fun. I offer readers the scenario of birthday for a semiletka. "Test drive" was carried successfully out by our second-grader and his friends. Responses exclusively positive.
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