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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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Age of the woman and ways of a seducing Psychology of the relations
Возраст женщины и способы соблазненияObject: Lolita! Is younger 16! Even do not think … At best her spiteful father will tear off to you that prevents the foul dancer to dance, and in the worst …. Actually still nobody cancelled article about seduction of juveniles … Leave better than force for more interesting options...
Why men of one love, and marry others? Psychology of the relations
Почему мужчины одних любят, а женятся на других?Why and for what men love women, and that them moves when there is a desire to connect itself Gimeney's bonds with a fine half.
About advantage of shortcomings Psychology of the relations
О пользе недостатковWhether you reflected sometime on what have to be yours the elect for a role of the partner in life? Drew in imagination the ideal weaved from beauty external and pure intentions without addictions and with material benefits :)? But whether you reflected what the majority will be able to fall in love for advantages, and everyone can even...
How to be pleasant to the girl Psychology of the relations
Как понравиться девушкеYou only remember the first appointment! As you wanted to be pleasant to the girl! With what awe you appointed a place and time of a meeting. And all it seemed simply and easily! But these minutes of expectation and excitement which pulse in your temples and are not able to afford to collect the thoughts …
Acquaintances on the Internet Psychology of the relations
Знакомства через интернетYou go down the street, and the girl smiles to you. How not to approach and to appoint appointment, especially as externally it itself not badly? After all new acquaintance it is always interesting. Or that is even more often with us, Internet users, we till some hours spend, sitting at the monitor and sending terse offers – such to itself the user messages for the sake of acquaintance.
How to present itself Psychology of the personality
Как преподнести себяAll people different! Someone can easily present himself from the bright party, others do not even represent as to make it …
How to break awkward silence Psychology of the personality
Как нарушать неловкое молчаниеThere are situations when somehow awkwardly to be silent. How to make so that to avoid burdensome silence and how to make silence pleasant?
How to lighten mood Psychology of the personality
Как поднять настроениеYou are very suppressed, the whole world seems gray around, and it seems that anybody and will be able to lighten nothing mood. You deeply are mistaken and that is why …
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