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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Use of oil of a lavender
Применение масла лавандыThe lavender is a most ancient Mediterranean plant which unique properties are widely applied in the household sphere, and also an aromatherapy. Trays, massage oils, cream, lotions and other cosmetics are urged to grant youth, elasticity of skin and a healthy look.
Hydrogen peroxide for the person
Перекись водорода для лицаHydrogen peroxide - quite widespread means for clarification of skin. But also its application has the nuances. On the one hand it well narrows pores and disinfects, and with another – can cause burns and allergic reaction. Therefore will not be superfluous to learn how it is correct to use it.
What to do if teeth are unsteady
Что делать, если шатаются зубыShaking of milk teeth is quite natural process of which you should not be afraid. But this phenomenon is frequent concerns lobbies or molars that testifies to a number of diseases and unpleasant consequences. How to find and cope with a problem, we will talk in this article.
Acid peeling
Кислотный пилингSpecial service in processing of skin is registered in a price of each prestigious cosmetology salon. Thanks to an acid peeling, skin literally anew is born – wrinkles, pigmentary spots and acne rash disappear.
Advantage of birch sap
Польза березового сокаIn the first warm spring days and pulls to walk on a gentle green grass, to breathe clean air in which fragrant aromas of primroses already start being learned, and to descend on "birch hunting". Natural birch sap – the tasty and extraordinary useful drink capable to present health, beauty and longevity.
Bioreinforcing of the person
Биоармирование лицаIn a pursuit of beauty and youth the woman would sell soul to a devil if it is possible. Really, lovely ladies without shadow of fear and doubts test on themselves all novelties of modern esthetic surgery – if only to keep a maiden face form and smooth skin.
Lamination of eyelashes
Ламинирование ресницThe world of cosmetology offers more and more novelties for women that they became even more attractive. One of the most actual services remains lamination of eyelashes today.
Why nails exfoliate
Почему слоятся ногтиStratification of a nail - always quite unpleasant show. It spoils appearance of manicure and signals about some problems with health. What it is concrete and as to fight with them – about it we will lead conversation today.
Use of oil jojoba
Применение масла жожобаLong since people consider this preparation as "liquid gold" not only because of beautiful amber color. At oil jojoba the mass of advantages which lion's share is occupied by use of oil in cosmetology.
Advantage and harm of an infrared sauna
Польза и вред инфракрасной сауныFor the majority of modern beauty shops an infrared sauna - not a rarity. The popular procedure promising health, a slim figure and longevity enjoys extraordinary popularity. But very few people understand, what impact on an organism infrared saunas have. Whether this service how dealers in beauty position it is so useful?
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