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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to neutralize a sting of a wasp
Как обезвредить укус осыWe are trapped daily by danger. We can it and not notice. She can meet us on the way home from work, on a balcony, or even near a favourite bed. And this danger can hide in such, at first sight, inconspicuous object as an insect.
What to do if there is a blood from a nose
Что делать, если идет кровь из носаBlood from a nose is quite widespread phenomenon which the majority perceives as something insignificant. And as first aid the majority use a sharp zaprokidyvaniye of the head back and applying of cold. But that from a nose there is a blood, already in itself is wrong. Besides, the head zaprokidyvaniye in this case in general is forbidden.
What to do at a solar burn
Что делать при солнечном ожогеBehind a window the summer – is time when everyone seeks to luxuriate in warm beams of the sun and to receive beautiful equal suntan. Already it was many times told how it is correct to sunbathe under the sun, however not everyone takes these rules seriously. Therefore often we face that skin burns on the sun. Such phenomenon is called a solar burn.
How to help the newborn at a lock
Как помочь новорожденному при запореThe problem of a lock is familiar to many parents. As if it was surprising, but locks at newborns – rather widespread phenomenon, also arise they at a third of the been born kids. Young parents panic and start "feeding" the child with various laxative preparations. But whether so emergency measures are justified? Not always!
Application of preparations from an eucalyptus
Применение препаратов из эвкалиптаEucalyptus (Eucalyptus) – the huge beautiful tree reaching height to 100 meters. Eucalyptus leaves widely apply not only in traditional medicine, but also in the modern. The eucalyptus possesses antiseptic action, sometimes even is more effective, than some antibiotics. Therefore today we will acquaint you with an eucalyptus and some means which part it is.
How to prolong sexual intercourse
Как продлить половой актSex in the relations of two loving people occupies one of key positions. It is the base of strong and long-term link. And if the man for a condition of "fighting" readiness needs not enough time, the woman is arranged more difficult – it for excitement needs time, attention, caress. And in the man the endurance and self-control will be necessary to give pleasure to the beloved.
How to clear lungs after smoking
Как очистить легкие после куренияSooner or later each smoker asks this question. It is especially actual for those who decided to finish an addiction and wishes to clear the organism. Though to take care of the health never late, it is only necessary to know, how exactly to make it. For anybody not a secret that during smoking we inhale a toxic smoke and pitches which settle in lungs.
How to bleach teeth in house conditions
Как отбелить зубы в домашних условияхStomatologists claim that the healthy, strong and sated with calcium tooth enamel not white, but yellowish. It is so conceived by the nature. But give us the Hollywood smile. Quicker. White teeth became a necessary condition of appeal long ago. I want to tell about the most effective ways of bleaching of teeth in house conditions.
First aid at bleeding
Первая помощь при кровотеченииI think that to each of you, it was necessary to give at least once in life help at wound to itself or someone from relatives. It is good if it happened to deal only with insignificant wounds when, say, the little rascal needs to bandage a knee. Nevertheless, to know how it is correct to give help to the person who got to trouble we have to.
The coding from alcohol
Кодировка от алкоголяAlcoholism – a dreadful disease, it ruins people, destroys families, cripples lives. The problem that the patient does not see where slides, and independently "to give up" a green serpent in power only to units. Alcoholism – this serious illness which was ranked not without reason as group of mental diseases. What it is possible to undertake for treatment of alcoholism?
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