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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Tseliakiya, symptoms and treatment
Целиакия, симптомы и лечениеToday will tell about a hereditary disease which cornerstone the digestion violation happening because of damage of the fibers covering mucous a small intestine some products as a part of which there is a gluten, avenin, gordein is. All this proteins of wheat, barley, rye. Why there is this disease as it proves how to help the suffering?
Treatment of lymph nodes
Лечение лимфоузловLymphadenitis is the acute or chronic inflammation of lymph nodes in most cases provoked by receipt with the inflowing lymph of elements which cause inflammatory reaction. It can be microorganisms, their toxins, products of fabric disintegration, the smallest foreign matters.
Adenoides at children
Аденоиды у детейMany parents heard such word – adenoides. But not all correctly represent – that this such. Some people mistakenly think that adenoides are the some awful and harmful outgrowths arising in a nose. will tell the readers of a detail about this disease.
Treatment of atopic dermatitis
Лечение атопического дерматитаToday will tell about one allergic disease of skin having chronic character, and followed by very unpleasant symptoms – rash on different parts of a body and a skin itch. The illness is called "atopic dermatitis".
Treatment of cirrhosis
Лечение цирроза печениStill Old Indian medical letters mention a disease, on symptoms similar to what is known to much today. And in the XV century ingenious Leonardo da Vinci, studying human anatomy, defined the changes of body accompanying this artful pathology.
Symptoms and treatment of neurosis
Симптомы и лечение неврозаWhen you last time had fully a rest? Fully is means without haste, without thoughts that at work the report waits for you - will not wait, about that, as this month again will not be enough for desired purchase of money. Summer three weeks on country beds or thoughtlessly spent holidays on a beach are not counted.
Opistorkhoz: carefully – fish!
Описторхоз: осторожно – рыба!Fishing – ancient and favourite many occupation, rest for soul, tired of the city … And the hooked fish is much more tasty the purchased. However, processing the catch, distributing what small fish will fit on fish soup what - on a frying pan and what – to dry, remembers about … to an opistorkhoza.
Intra cranial pressure, treatment of hypertensia
Внутричерепное давление, лечение гипертензииIntra cranial pressure (VChD) represents pressure of liquid, so-called the likvor which is constantly circulating in brain ventricles. Its basic purpose is protection of a brain against various traumatic damages. In addition that, the likvor is responsible for removal of products of the metabolism occurring in cells of a brain and possesses antimicrobic action.
Symptoms and treatment of periodontosis
Симптомы и лечение пародонтозаSmile "on all thirty two" - a success synonym at all times. Providing to a mouth full leaving, we increase the chances of avoiding the pulled-out teeth and the hours which are "pulled out" by a toothache from healthy life. However there are such artful diseases which and wait for that when we zazevatsya right there to occupy healthy "territories".
Symptoms and treatment of psoriasis
Симптомы и лечение псориазаPsoriasis represents a noncontagious chronic disease of skin of the person which also can "scaly call deprived". In a literal translation from Greek this word is meant by "itch" or "itch".
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