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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to prepare the child for kindergarten
Как подготовить ребенка к детскому садуLooking at the two-year-old daughter, I even more often think: as quickly it grows, soon already and to go to kindergarten. Also I am afraid of this moment. There is a set of questions which, I am sure, almost all mothers set to themselves: whether it will be pleasant to it there? Whether she will be well fed? To play, entertain, care? Whether the child will manage to endure short parting with mother?
Introduction of a feeding up to babies
Введение прикорма грудным детямYou, all in affairs and cares of the baby did not even notice how time smoothly brought you by a new era in the baby's life – to introduction of the first drink of adult food, to the first feeding up. And that this process took place smoothly, comfortably, and, above all in time and with advantage for the kid – I with pleasure will share the experience with readers of
Childbirth free of charge or under the contract
Роды бесплатно или по контрактуWhen you learn that are pregnant – the happiness zastit to you eyes. You are ready to start collecting given to the kid. And only the few consider as a problem of paramount importance the organization and planning of childbirth. And in vain, as this moment really decisive, and suggests to learn about possible options for safe passing of the forthcoming childbirth.
Partner childbirth with the husband
Партнерские роды с мужем5 years ago not many heard about such phenomenon as partner childbirth. Moreover, it was necessary to have solid communications to organize such action in simple maternity hospital. Now suggest to give birth with the assistant (the husband, mother or the girlfriend) to all future mothers. Whether it is worth doing it and what consequences of partner childbirth – in the article can be.
Role of the senior generation in education of children
Роль старшего поколения в воспитании детей"Once upon a time there were grandfather yes the woman, also they had a granddaughter Mashenka" – the Russian national fairy tales so begin. Grandfathers and grandmothers long since were engaged in education of grandsons – the father all day long worked, and mother strove on economy. In the modern world a little that changed … So happens to children when they are brought up not by mother and the father, but grandmothers with grandfathers?
What things to take with itself in maternity hospital
Какие вещи взять с собой в роддомAfter the 30th week of pregnancy time slowly approaches you to childbirth. Do not hope for men – they surely will forget everything, will mix and as a result will buy absolutely not that it is necessary to you. Collect all necessary things for maternity hospital in advance. The site is ready to offer you some councils – quite possibly that you will find them useful and exhaustive.
Travel with the child: what to take with itself?
Путешествие с ребенком: что взять с собой?Travel with the child – the whole science, believe. Only one questions "What to take with itself in the road?" there is the whole heap! That is required in way, than to entertain the kid, than to feed him – here not all list of tasks which should be allowed parents on the eve of travel. I will try to clear up this question and to classify everything.
How to overcome a postnatal depression
Как преодолеть послеродовую депрессиюNine-months expectation ended and you became a mother! Here already and an extract, acquaintances and relatives congratulate you, and you … dream only of that they left your house somewhat quicker. There is a wish – to have a rest only one, and joyful smiles, the proposed toasts and unshakable desire of guests "properly to celebrate this event" cause feeling of irritation.
Maternity allowances
Пособия по беременности и родамThose who plans to bring the child, should know that the part of expenses on his contents assumes the state. And information on the amount of payments and grants, and also on what documents will be required for receiving grants – very important to keep around as an instruction. You learn from this article, on what the Russian and Ukrainian mothers can count today.
How to choose a milk pump
Как выбрать молокоотсосYou are going to become a mother and decided to nurse the baby? You young mother and at you arose problems with breastfeeding? Then you surely will have sooner or later a dilemma: whether it is necessary to buy a milk pump? In order that it is correct to pick up a milk pump, it is necessary to consider many factors. Therefore you should not hurry with purchase.
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