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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Useful properties of a pear
Полезные свойства грушиThis roundish or oblong fruit which is smoothly extending in the lower part juicy and fragrant, imposes much. Taste at pears depending on a grade can be a miscellaneous – sweet, honey, sour, tart, strongly knitting … Besides beauty, the nature allocated them with a set of curative properties.
Application of a copper vitriol
Применение медного купоросаOn shelves of garden shops it is possible to notice packages on which it is written "a copper vitriol". Gardeners most often use this ancient means at the very beginning of spring. For what purposes it is bought? For what at dacha it can be useful how to use it? And, maybe, it is possible to replace it with more modern means?
Irises, landing and leaving
Ирисы, посадка и уходThe irises of various forms and shades capable to play in all flowers of a rainbow, long since draw attention of flower growers of the different countries. For example, in the USA, England, Italy, Russia there are societies of irisovod. In Florence which is considered as the capital of a kingdom of graceful irises, and also in Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Australia the competitions revealing the best grades of these plants are often held.
Honeysuckle, landing and leaving
Жимолость, посадка и уход30 years ago the honeysuckle was a rare, rare plant in gardens of a midland of Russia. Now this bush became popular and perspective, the honeysuckle ripens the first, opening a berry season in many gardens. It became clear that these berries are very useful, bear health and longevity. Having a certain knowledge, you too will be able to grow up beautiful, prolific bushes.
Cultivation of leek
Выращивание лука-пореяToday will tell how to grow up at dacha one more plant, useful to health, – leek. It is recommended to be included in daily food by the suffering rheumatism, an urolithic illness, gout, bronchitis, quinsy, furunkulyozy, metabolic disorders, obesity, at problems with work of a liver and gall bladder.
Cultivation of daisies from seeds
Выращивание маргариток из семянFor registration of borders, a rabatok, flower beds in the yards of houses, about kindergartens, policlinics and other establishments modest daisies – long ago known, but for some reason lost the popularity in recent years perfectly will approach. And after all it is simple to look after them, they can blossom all summer, will recover any lawn.
Gooseberry grades
Сорта крыжовникаBelieve that in Russia began to part a gooseberry in gardens at monasteries since the 11th century. Only it was called in those days differently: "агрыз", "roofs", "крыжберсень". Tasty fragrant berries were fallen in love to people, of them learned to do "imperial jam", tasty wines.
Cultivation of an asparagus
Выращивание спаржиAmong readers for certain there will be judges of a useful and delicious product – an asparagus. It is possible to grow up this interesting plant on the country site. In shops the asparagus costs much, it brings in to sellers the essential income. High price can be explained only to that cultivation of this unusual vegetable culture demands special subtleties.
Gooseberry, landing and leaving
Крыжовник, посадка и уходIt is possible to tell that the gooseberry is the second for prevalence in gardens of Russia a berry bush. And very fruitful, after all from one big bush at the correct leaving it is possible to collect to 20-25 kg of tasty and beautiful berries. Many dislike a gooseberry for its prickles, thorns. hurries to please readers – already there are besshipny and slaboshipovaty grades of this culture.
Advantage of germinated wheat
Польза пророщенной пшеницыThis century – a century not only information technologies, but also eyelids of beauty and health. Agree, it is now rather fashionable to play sports, actively to have a rest and properly to eat. And together with healthy food to our houses information on advantage of the use came to food of germinated wheat. Though not a secret that our ancestors a lot used this knowledge hundreds years ago.
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