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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to freeze vegetables for the winter
Как замораживать овощи на зимуFor many hozyayushka of preparation at winter are associated with racks of tinned vegetables. But, believe, it is possible not to spend a lot of time for conservation, the usual freezing fine helps out in the winter!
How to prepare jam from apricots
Как приготовить варенье из абрикосовSummer – fine opportunity to stock up with tasty preservation of "house production". Especially abundance pleases with summer of various fruit. Well who does not like to drink in the winter tea with fragrant jam? Jam remains popular always, – hostesses cook it decades according to different recipes, from one type of fruit or allsorts. I want to share the recipe of simple jam in preparation with readers.
Useful properties of a basil
Полезные свойства базиликаThe basil is one of seasonings most popular now. However not each hostess knows how it is correct to use this spice and that it represents actually. The basil in kitchen is used as in dry, and fresh. It can always be found among other seasonings on a specific smell.
Useful properties of tomatoes
Полезные свойства помидоров"Ladies' fingers", "Miracle of the market", "Pinocchio", "The black prince", "Sanka", "The Russian athlete" … Also it is all grades of tomatoes, now selectors total more than 2000 types of a various form, the sizes and beautiful shades red, orange and yellow. I love them since the early childhood. I want to tell about them, all interesting and useful that is known to me today.
Useful properties of raspberry
Полезные свойства малиныIn July ripens and raspberry the bright fragrant juicy sweet berries attracts us. It is possible to regale on it in the wood or on the country site. Berries not only are tasty, but also are curative. It is pleasant to be treated by raspberry jam at cold even to children. Raspberry has anti-inflammatory and febrifugal effect, and also has the mass of other useful properties.
Useful properties of bilberry
Полезные свойства черникиMany of us like to walk in the summer in the wood. Fresh air, singing of birds, aroma from the blossoming plants. And from the wood it is possible to bring "live" vitamins – baskets, buckets with berries. Today we know about wild-growing bilberry better, now its medicinal properties in detail study in different laboratories. And in the people love bilberry – eat fresh berries, do kissels.
Useful properties of ginger
Полезные свойства имбиряMy acquaintance to ginger began with a campaign on tea to the girlfriend. It appeared that she invited me not to simple tea with buns. And on very useful and unusual – ginger. I learned taste of green tea, honey and a lemon at once. And here one more ingredient remained for me a riddle. He pinched language and added a slightly bitter taste. So I got acquainted with ginger.
How to cook cherry compote
Как варить вишневый компотI want to share with readers the recipe of cherry compote. To prepare compote from cherry absolutely simply, and children adore it for "bright" cherry taste. This cherry compote on tastes is better than a purchased cherry fruit drink, and its main feature in safety of vitamins B the storage period. All secret is that cherry for compote does not cook.
Useful properties of strawberry
Полезные свойства клубникиOur life is arranged so that at one time years is replaced by another. Behind cold days come warm and solar. And when our organism is in great need in vitamins, mineral substances, the nature gives us summer – a time of vegetables, fruit and berries. In June the strawberry season begins. It appears, tasty toasted berry possesses an arsenal of useful properties.
Omelet with mushrooms and vegetables
Омлет с грибами и овощамиThere is a wish to prepare for a dinner something brand new? Stop the choice on an omelet "with additives", – prepares quickly enough, ingredients available, and taste at a dish turns out excellent. Besides, preparing such omelet, you will make at once a nourishing dinner for 3-4 people. As additives to an omelet (except mushrooms) I chose young potatoes, zucchini, asparagus haricot.
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