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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Excursion in the Color Canyon, Egypt Rounds and excursions
Экскурсия в Цветной Каньон, ЕгипетThe color Canyon was formed much millions years ago – then, at the strongest earthquake, there was a powerful break of crust. Spontaneous desert winds wonderfully well worked, having skillfully cut out unique patterns in sandy breed. It is possible to look at them infinitely and every minute to see new images and drawings. The color Canyon is, really, a nature masterpiece.
Barcelona: rest and sights, h. 2 Rounds and excursions
Барселона: отдых и достопримечательности, ч. 2From the previous material you already managed to learn about features of rest in Spain, and in Barcelona in particular. Continuing to acquaint you with this country, will tell about excursions which are only in Spain and with guarantee cause interest in all tourists. The first that at many people is associated with Spain is a bullfight.
Barcelona: rest and sights, p.1 Rounds and excursions
Барселона: отдых и достопримечательности, ч. 1Spain – one of the brightest countries of the world. It – the homeland of Bullfight, magnificent dances of the Flamenco, the country of such great artists as Velasquez, Goya, Dali... Barcelona – the city as well as possible reflecting the Spanish life and culture. Having arrived there, there is a wish to visit all offered excursions, to feel a rhythm of special South European life.
Travel across Nepal Rounds and excursions
Путешествие по НепалуNever End Peace And Love … Nepalese so decipher the name of the country. This small, poor country causes in me inconsistent feelings. In India everything was simpler and more clear. And here … nothing submits to logic clear to the European here, and all here on the contrary. Absolutely poor people seem happier, than who has something …
Resort of Sol-Iletsk, lake Disorder Rounds and excursions
Курорт Соль-Илецк, озеро РазвалIn the South of the steppe Orenburg region on border with Kazakhstan the small city of Sol-Iletsk was located. At first sight it maloprimeten is also unsightly, but conceals in itself(himself) centuries-old entertaining history. Of this resort it will also be told in this article on, we will acquaint you with everything that from year to year attracts vacationers here.
Rest and sights of India Rounds and excursions
Отдых и достопримечательности ИндииIndia. This word causes very different associations in different people. For someone India is a dirt and poverty. For someone it is spiritual teachers and ashrams, yoga and an Ayurveda. Here it is possible to arrive for a week and to remain for few years, and it is possible to shrug bewildered shoulders and to be glad that you live in Moscow.
Rest in Sochi Rounds and excursions
Отдых в СочиIf for the first time you go to the Black Sea, without hesitation it is necessary to choose the Sochi direction. At least, previously "having dug over" a database the Internet, we with the girlfriend so solved. Powerful argument was that Sochi – the most southern of resort towns of our immense country (moreover and with subtropical climate!), where the sun shines 300 days in a year.
Rest in Kemere, Turkey Rounds and excursions
Отдых в Кемере, ТурцияWho could tell that only some 30 years ago on a place of the Turkish town of Kemer which is so loved by Russians there was a small fishing small village. This article from is urged to dispel fears of tourists of independent walks on the city of Kemer, and also to tell readers that surely it is worth seeing in Kemere.
Review of the Russian airlines References
Обзор российских авиакомпанийIn our country some tens airlines providing various tariffs for their services, both to individuals, and corporate and to people of a VIP-class are engaged in air transportation. We will provide to your attention the list of the most popular airlines which take the leading positions in a rating for the 2007th year.
Rest in Mongolia Rounds and excursions
Отдых в МонголииAbout Mongolia many think as of the empty, dry and uninteresting earth. It is a perfect lie. Mongolia – my best trip from many and many, even is better than India that much will seem to the impossible. The magic country where there are singing dunes, the desert smelling as the sea, kind and strong people, free wild animals, blue lakes, unimaginable beauty flowers and severe mountains.
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