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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to find itself Psychology of the personality
Как найти себяHow to find itself??? Topical issue for many irrespective of age and a social status. Actual and at the same time rhetorical. Whether it is possible to find that never lost. Or after all lost??? Give together with we will try to deal with it.
Needs of the person that is necessary for us from life Psychology of the personality
Потребности человека, что нам нужно от жизниInstincts of the person started being suppressed with the created morals, desires got an improbable ingenuity, and requirements came to natural classification. After all each person has desires which become requirements about what further and the speech will go.
Problem of small growth Psychology of the personality
Проблема маленького ростаAlmost each of us though in something is dissatisfied with himself. The reasons weight – since addictions and finishing with appearance. Let's talk about the most persuasive and difficult remediable – small growth. He prevents to do to girls career, to young people adds uncertainty in himself. Really nothing can be made?
How to struggle with a depression Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с депрессиейThe depression creeps imperceptibly. At first it seems that simply slightly overtired that tomorrow the bad mood as a hand will remove. But time goes, and the bog of a hopelessness tightens everything more deeply. Gradually full apathy to all events increases. How to struggle with a depression if it nevertheless overtook you? Here some simple rules from
How to develop self-confidence Psychology of the personality
Как развить уверенность в себеPerhaps, at all times self-confidence was a synonym of success, leadership, completeness of life. Our century – not an exception. The books published by million circulations, all a growing demand for services of psychologists, trainings, seminars, public opinion …
How to raise a self-assessment Psychology of the personality
Как повысить самооценкуWhat unites the gray mouse which always is keeping silent at production meetings, and externally very self-confident young man who is eternally asking for trouble? It would seem, the general is not present anything and cannot be. And meanwhile, the general is, and a name to it – the underestimated self-assessment. It it, on the contrary, forces excessively, to show the importance to grotesqueness.
How to fight against laziness Psychology of the personality
Как бороться с леньюAt first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. In especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!
Psychology of the woman - we try to understand Psychology of the relations
Психология женщины - стараемся понятьSo, boys play "war game", and girls grandly feed dolls from toy ware, imagining themselves adults. Boys grew up, and everyone went in the way, trying to succeed in everything. Girls too grew up and found out that ways on which they can go very little.
The psychology of the man - as them to understand Psychology of the relations
Психология мужчины - как их понятьWe live side by side with them, and not important we love them or we hate, we respect or we despise. Anyway we try to understand psychology of the men who are near us. And it happens absolutely hardly, after all we such different.
How to learn it is correctly to kiss Psychology of the relations
Как научиться правильно целоватьсяLet's talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, always there is a wish to appear before the partner in the best light, to show, on what you are capable, sometimes even to surprise. After all if skilled Casanova always try to perfect the skill what then to speak about us, about the mortal and ordinary people who are eager for tenderness and caress or about those who did not feel this dizzy "potseluyny" pleasure yet?
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