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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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How to make to an ombra on hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать омбре на волосахStylists are not tired to make experiments with flowers and shades, offering the clients a huge choice in coloring of hair. Recently style an ombr which already subdued a great number of women from around the world enjoys the increasing popularity and continues to hold a position of one of the most fashionable trends.
Use of sesame oil Beauty and health
Применение кунжутного маслаSesame much is known for the seeds, they are often used in cookery at baking of bakery products. But also also oil of seeds of this plant which is included into the three of the most useful vegetable oils of the world enjoys wide popularity.
What is the glitter of a tattoo Beauty and health
Что такое глиттер татуEvery day there are all new and new ways to decorate a female image, to make it more distinguished, original and sexual. Glitter of a tattoo is one of such shifts and is capable to change any appearance. What is the glitter of a tattoo and where they can be applied, read in our article.
Use of cocoa butter Beauty and health
Применение масла какаоCocoa butter - one of the most fragrant solid oils, is actively used not only for creation of sweets, but also in cosmetology and even for treatment of some diseases. Oil with aroma of chocolate possesses the toning and wound healing action.
How to grow a bang Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как отрастить челкуMany women at least once in life tried to grow a bang. Such need can arise, for example, after unsuccessful experiments with a hairdress or owing to desire to change the style.
How to sleep Beauty and health
Как выспатьсяModern rate of life in a root changed internal clocks of most of people around the world. The person began to spend more time behind the computer, to receive more intellectual loading and, as a result, to sleep less. Problems with a dream – the SCOURGE of 21 centuries. What to do if you were tired of constant sleep debts and cannot lead normal active lifestyle?
Use of amber acid Beauty and health
Применение янтарной кислотыAmber is better known as material for jewelry, but from it also make the most valuable amber acid. Useful properties of this product allow to apply it in different spheres, basic of which medicine, cosmetology, dietology.
Make-up for the hung century Beauty and health
Макияж для нависшего векаThe hung eyelids – a widespread problem among women are more senior 50, but happens that the similar phenomenon is observed at enough young women. Anyway, it is cardinally possible to correct a situation only by means of plastic surgery, and here will help to correct a problem visually correct meykap. In this article we will talk just about it.
With what to carry to park Clothes
С чем носить паркуToday very popular both among women, and among men became park. And it is not surprising! In such jacket everyone will feel comfortably and attractively at all seasons of the year. Designers took care of it and developed some models for every season. Let's understand with what to carry to park to look always irresistible.
With what to wear jeans boyfriends Clothes
С чем носить джинсы бойфрендыEvery year in female clothes appears clothes of male style more and more. White shirts, butterflies, ties, loafers and even tuxedos. And it is not connected at all by that at the weaker sex became practically as much the rights, as well as at representatives opposite. All is much simpler – fashion trends do not stand still and designers continue to surprise with new and courageous decisions.
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