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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
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– simply do not try life without drugs!
Жизнь без наркотиков – просто не пробуй!To think that drugs need an anti-advertizing – too not absolutely truly. Intimidation of consumers, moralising concerning teenagers often yields absolutely other result. This result – desire to try the hand, to test will, to glance in the novel. suggests you to make a choice independently. To weigh all pros and cons.
How to learn to read quickly
Как научиться быстро читатьTo be able to read quickly is not luxury, but obligatory skill in the modern world. Need for fast reading is not even discussed, but, nevertheless, many people say that the speed of reading is put in the childhood. It is the main myth. Quickly to read it is possible to learn at any age. How? I will tell about it in this article.
In total about coffee
Все о кофеToday coffee is one of the most widespread drinks on Earth. We got used to drink coffee under different circumstances: since morning; at work; in cafe; at a business meeting. There is a set of grades and ways of preparation. Will tell about some interesting features of the coffee in this article.
Councils for the aid to the recruit
Советы в помощь призывникуBoth in Ukraine, and in Russia young men of 18 years are subject to an appeal to learn to hold the machine gun in hand. All this, of course, well, and the country it is necessary to protect, however there are some nuances in this system. Would like to tell about these nuances and their prevention of to future and present recruits, and also their relatives.
What to do if the dog bit
Что делать, если укусила собакаAccording to experts, surge in attacks of dogs on people falls on the demi-season periods, that is spring and fall. Therefore right now information what to do is actual if on you the dog bit, what measures to take and how to try to avoid the subsequent meetings with shaggy brothers with tragic consequences.
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In 1971 geologists in Turkmenistan (Darvaza) drilled a well for gas production and came across an underground cavity. All equipment and transport failed. From a hole natural gas went. Not to poison everything around, gas was set fire. The hole burns more than 35 years!