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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Planimetric plasticity
Контурная пластикаPerhaps, there is no woman who would not dream of unfading youth. But time is relentless and aging of an organism is an inevitable process. However and the modern industry of beauty does not stand still, taking noticeable steps on the way to various achievements. This time will acquaint the readers with such technique in esthetic medicine, as planimetric plasticity.
Technology of performance of the European manicure
Техника выполнения европейского маникюраIt wins popularity among the Russian women. It less travmatichen is also safe. The European manicure can be made as independently, and to trust in masters of manikyurny art.
Face lifting in house conditions
Подтяжка лица в домашних условияхThe question of how it is possible to tighten a face form without surgical intervention, starts exciting each woman sooner or later. Elastic maiden skin as well as possible will emphasize "eternal eighteen" in soul of women. To do without knife, doctors and an anesthesia quite perhaps, and in this article we will open face lifting secrets in house conditions.
АбдоминопластикаProcedure with the mysterious name of an abdominoplastik realizes dream of many - does patients by happy owners of the elastic and tightened belts! Now also we will discuss all features and nuances of this cosmetic operation.
Mantras for weight loss
Мантры для похуденияMany dream of a beautiful distinguished figure. Excess weight reduces a self-assessment of the person, provokes problems with health and disturbs private life. In a pursuit of symmetry, people exhaust themselves with diets and physical activities, but very often break and gain even more kilograms, than was in the beginning. Mantras for weight loss will come to the rescue of those who seriously decided to be engaged in improvement of the body.
Treatment of a girsutizm
Лечение гирсутизмаExcess hair standing for many women are a big problem which fix in all possible ways. What then to speak about such disease as a girsutizm. At this illness there is a failure in endocrine system and, as a result, there are face, back, breast, ears and stomach hair.
Manicure gel varnish in house conditions
Маникюр гель-лаком в домашних условияхNow you will surprise nobody with beautiful manicure. In fashion a new line of strong nail varnishes under the name gel varnish. This procedure is considered saloon, but many women want to master it independently.
Selection of a make-up and jewelry for an appearance tsvetotip
Подбор макияжа и украшений по цветотипу внешностиPeople – creations paradoxical, after all the aspiration to identity is quite often replaced by aspiration to find similar to, and it is fraught with that that without understanding people, is arranged under a various framework and templates. A striking example of it is division according to appearance tsvetotipa.
How to reduce stomach volume
Как уменьшить объем желудкаThe vast majority of people is inclined to an overeating today. And it is connected not only with banal "gluttony", but also with a present rhythm of life: lack of time, jamming of stresses, acceptance of food in operating time or is simple in front of the computer – all this inevitably conducts to extension of walls of a stomach and, as a result, to absorption of an increasing number of food, feeling sick and obesity.
Use of amarantovy oil
Применение амарантового маслаAmarantovy oil not often very famous, but, nevertheless, it is widely used in traditional medicine and cookery. It contains such useful substances without which our organism does not think of the existence. Not for nothing it was considered as a longevity elixir more than 8 thousand years ago.
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