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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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As it is correct to give birth
Как правильно рожатьPractically all women before childbirth test if not a frank panic, feeling of vulnerability and discomfort. Experts claim that it is quite normal – to have sensation of fear before such physiological process as childbirth.
Anti-cholesteric diet
Антихолестериновая диетаThe phrase "bad cholesterol" became habitual in use not only doctors for a long time, but also those people who watches over the health. Really, after all advertizing from screens of TVs frightens us by these "horror films".
How to detain the monthly
Как задержать месячныеVery often Women's critical Days "come" not in time – for example, on the eve of such long-awaited holiday or before important sports competitions. What to do in that case? To refuse the dream and to stay at home? And if the trip is planned long ago and, most likely, more than such good luck the destiny will not present? It appears, everything is reparable.
Treatment of a furuncle in house conditions
Лечение фурункула в домашних условияхSuch quite widespread and painful phenomenon as furuncle (in common people it still call a furuncle), quite often takes the person unawares. Also there is at once a number of questions: how to treat why arose? Actually, the reasons and ways of treatment are known for a long time. Give them in detail we will consider.
Treatment by honey
Лечение мёдомSince an extreme antiquity honey was appreciated as a special food product and used for treatment of many widespread diseases. Useful properties of sweet and fragrant natural gift in which creation bees toilers and abundance of flowers take active part, are caused by unique structure.
First aid at a faint
Первая помощь при обморокеFaint (in translation from Latin means "to weaken", "exhaust") – the short-term loss of consciousness accompanied with falling.
Useful properties of a tea mushroom
Полезные свойства чайного грибаThis sourish and sweet drink got many admirers in Russia and in Europe, and America, from the middle of the 20th eyelid. Most often it was called – a tea mushroom as for preparation of infusion tea tea leaves were used. However called it and a Manchurian mushroom, the Volga mushroom.
Useful properties of a dairy mushroom
Полезные свойства молочного грибаWhat can be of great value, than health? Throughout centuries people try to find the miracle cure curing of diseases, helping to keep youth, vigor.
ЭвтаназияThe question of euthanasia is one of the most topical and discussed by that modern mankind. This medical practice at which hopelessly sick person doomed to pain and sufferings has the right for premature death, represents an unsoluble dilemma today.
Treatment by traditional medicine
Лечение народной медицинойAll of us are people, and, as we know, people can be ill. In this article we will talk about alternative methods of treatment of various illnesses, about the most popular and checked recipes, about an application framework. In other words, about so-called traditional medicine in its most popular forms.
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