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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of chronic hepatitis
Лечение хронического гепатитаThe liver is one of the most important bodies in our organism. This body actively participates in digestion, carefully clears blood, neutralizes influence of poisons and allergens. Therefore when the speech about such disease of a liver as chronic hepatitis comes, it is necessary to be especially attentive. After all violation of work of a liver harmful affects work of all organism in general.
Treatment of a keratit
Лечение кератитаEyes, undoubtedly, are the major sense organ. After all exactly thanks to sight of people receives the most part of information. But there is such unpleasant regularity – with age sight weakens. And eyes become more susceptible to influence of external irritants.
Treatment of a rotavirusny infection
Лечение ротавирусной инфекцииNow children are less subject to classical types of bacterial intestinal infections. But instead of bacteria a liquid chair, vomiting, high temperature viruses even more often cause an astrovirus and about 110 more versions in small children now, such as a rotavirus, adenovirus, enterovirus, kalitsivirus.
Treatment of alcoholism
Лечение алкоголизмаIn the world there is so much fine, but there are people who do not notice how it is beautiful. And recently becomes more increasing than such people. People dependent on alcoholic drinks. Often they are called – alcoholics. They are tried to be isolated from society. Actually alcoholism is a huge problem, and it is possible to win against it if to work resolutely.
Treatment of an illness of Parkinson
Лечение болезни ПаркинсонаCertainly, people want to live long and happy life. But at those to whom the destiny graciously foreordained long life, the risk considerably increases to become one of victims of an illness of Parkinson. It strikes about one of hundred people of old age. And nobody is insured – the even reached riches, honors, the power, popularity.
Measles at children, symptoms and treatment
Корь у детей, симптомы и лечениеThroughout here several centuries many infectious diseases continue and to constitute danger to mankind to this day. And all the matter is that these diseases for a short period are capable to involve in pathological dangerous process a large number as children, and adults.
Treatment of pneumonia
Лечение пневмонииPneumonia - infectious inflammatory process in lungs. The weakest segments of the population are most subject to this disease - children are younger than three years, elderly people (those to whom for 60) and people with low immunity which is caused by their serious condition (the patients with diabetes, AIDS having drug addiction and alcoholism).
Treatment of bronchitis
Лечение бронхита"And yours again coughs?" – mummy sighs. "And mine too, were exhausted already, we do not know, than and to treat this cough". Such talk can be heard very often. Both children, and adults have bronchitis. And here is how this disease is correct to treat and as to prevent it, to you will prompt
Procedure of a fonoforez
Процедура фонофорезаIn the twenties the last century in medicine began to use actively ultrasound, then it helped to treat a number of diseases. Soon after, in the fifties, surgeons too began to resort to medicinal properties of ultrasound.
Mukovistsidoz, symptoms and treatment
Муковисцидоз, симптомы и лечениеToday will tell the readers about one hereditary disease - a mukovistsidoza. Why it arises at the child how proves, whether there is an opportunity to cure it?
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