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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
Family: all articles
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Secrets of family happiness
Секреты семейного счастьяThe grandmother and the grandfather lived mine together 56 years, mother with the father – already 30. I am married to these measures quite recently and always asked myself a question "In what so long secret and, the main thing, happy family life?". Having conducted survey among successfully married acquaintances, relatives and proceeding from the experience, I want to share with you results of "researches".
How not to be ill in kindergarten
Как не болеть в детском садуThe first year in kindergarten – the real test for the child and his parents. Constant sick-lists and whims dement, and it seems that all efforts are useless – the child will be ill. Absolutely new environment, a new environment, the most various viruses and bacteria will make the business. Nevertheless, it is necessary to train the child for a garden, believe, it will surely bear fruits.
How to protect the apartment from thieves
Как защитить квартиру от воровHow the person was poor or rich, always there will be in his dwelling a titbit for thieves. And in protection of property trifles are not present. And the most important purpose of the owner - to make a way of the thief to treasured "treasures" difficult and thorny. will tell readers how to make the apartment the real fortress.
Joint dream with the child
Совместный сон с ребенкомThe problem of a joint dream with the child is rather actual. Most of children prefer to sleep with parents, showing discontent when they are put in a cradle. But there are also what reconcile to will of parents and get used to sleep separately. Whether it is worth putting the child to sleep in a separate bed or nevertheless to concede and take in the bed?
Child and pets
Ребенок и домашние животныеIt is very often possible to hear opinion that to the newborn and the domestic pet under one roof not a place. In my opinion, this statement is fair only if you are going to get a pet during pregnancy or nearly right after appearance of the child. And what to do if the pet lives with you long ago?
Ways of the termination of a lactation
Способы прекращения лактацииMaternal milk – the most valuable and useful product for the kid, but, despite it, will come time when the child needs to be weaned. Not important, it will become necessarily for mother or to that the kid already grew up. The most important that, as a rule, is not paid to this timepoint due attention from the point of view of feelings of mother.
Than to occupy the child in way
Чем занять ребенка в путиIn the summer the soul especially wants rest. Sometimes the anticipation is so great that by will cross out on a calendar the days which remained before holiday. Till the moment when you are able to escape from tenacious embraces of the stone jungle with their immemorial vanity and employment. It is simple to buy a plane ticket, the train or it is simple to jerk by car...
Development of independence in children
Развитие самостоятельности у детейBeauty concept relative, happiness – changeable, and good luck – at all the lady whimsical. Besides these qualities do not depend on us, unlike kindness, commitment and independence which it is possible and need to bring up in the child since early years. About the last quality conversation in this article will also go.
How to bring up the personality in the child
Как воспитать в ребенке личностьAny parent in secret dreams that his child grew up the successful person, the leader. If you since the birth are directly involved in education process, to help the kid to develop the abilities, to support and direct, then near you always there will be a native and close being, and you will not be forgotten, will estimate all made efforts.
Violations in a sound pronunciation at children
Нарушения в звукопроизношении у детейStatistically, approximately a half of children who come to the first class, has so-called "fiction fefekta", that is violations in a sound pronunciation. And, the number of potential clients of the logopedist only grows from year to year. In an ideal in each kindergarten there has to be the logopedist, but a real state of affairs absolutely another.
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