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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Anemones, landing and leaving
Анемоны, посадка и уходThe word of "anemone" is translated from Greek as "the daughter of winds" or "whiff" therefore still this plant is called an anemony. Even weak whiff of a breeze causes a kolykhaniye of flower petals.
Calendula, landing and leaving
Календула, посадка и уходThe cheerful flower, which official scientific name – a calendula medicinal, in the people tenderly call a marigold. Seeds of this solar plant are very similar to claws. At an unpretentious calendula there are a lot of valuable qualities which can use at the right time. It is possible to grow up it not only in flower beds, on beds, but also in a kitchen garden, among vegetable cultures.
Useful properties of a cauliflower
Полезные свойства цветной капустыThe cabbage was called in the ancient time the queen of vegetables. Perhaps, it is difficult to argue with this statement. After all all species of plants which belong to family cabbage, possess the whole set of useful properties. Today there are some types of cabbage. Among them broccoli, white, a kohlrabi and, of course, a cauliflower.
Lily grades
Сорта лилииIt is impossible to pass by the graceful and elegant lilies growing in a garden without any emotions. These gentle flowers surprise, amaze, fascinate. They are loved by flower growers and selectors of the different countries. 4000 grades are already known, and this impressive list annually is replenished.
Useful properties of a turnip
Полезные свойства турнепсаThe turnip is a close relative of vegetable cultures, habitual for our latitudes: turnips, radishes, cabbage and garden radish. This low-calorie root crop possesses a set of useful properties thanks to what it is widely applied in dietary food. However on tables of the ordinary inhabitant vegetable appears infrequently as many do not even suspect about its advantage.
Medicinal properties of a lilac
Лечебные свойства сирениThe blossoming lilac bushes decorate our parks, the yards, country sites late spring, extending around such gentle aroma which cannot be confused with anything. But not only beauty and a pleasant smell the lilac is rich, it conceals in herself many curative properties.
Beet, landing and leaving
Свёкла, посадка и уходIn beet so there are a lot of nutrients, useful to our organism, that call it in the people "a health jug". It is irreplaceable ingredient of popular culinary dishes – vinaigrette, a borsch, "herrings under a fur coat" … This vegetable everywhere grows, does not demand special efforts. But to receive a rich crop, it is necessary to know features of its cultivation.
Vegetable marrows, landing and leaving
Кабачки, посадка и уходAlong with carrots, spicy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions indispensable attribute of country sites is also the vegetable marrow. It is possible to grow up this vegetable culture even in an open ground, and, almost in all areas of our country. Only territories of Far North are considered as an exception.
Honeysuckle grades
Сорта жимолостиBerry bushes of a honeysuckle in gardens of Russians borrow more and more a place. It is possible to tell that summer residents tried out and appreciated these tasty and curative berries, before others ripening, and in recent years considerably grown larger, surprising with different taste. Now in the register of selection achievements there are more than 80 grades of a honeysuckle.
Useful properties of a cumquat
Полезные свойства кумкватаThe unusual fruit with the unusual name already very long time ago subdued the East, it know and love in the West, but in our corner of the world it still remains a wonder. What the special it is covered under a bright orange cover of this citrus and why it is considered as one of the most useful products in the world? In this article we will tell about useful properties of a cumquat.
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