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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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How to decorate salad
Как украсить салат already told how to decorate a pie. The turn of salads came. Recently from their ornament created the real cult. In this article we will talk about types of ornament, restaurant standards and sense of proportion.
How to decorate a pie
Как украсить тортIt is considered that the esthetic factor at preparation of dishes has the same importance, as well as flavoring characteristics. What to speak about desserts: the decorated cakes and pies also look festively, and even seem more tasty. Today will tell how it is inexpensive, simple and beautiful to decorate a house pie.
How to store apples
Как хранить яблокиIf you have a rich crop of apples, it is healthy! It is possible to cook tasty jam, to prepare natural juice. It is possible to sell part of apples and to receive weighty material addition to the budget. But it is best of all to try to keep apples for long term. In this case on a table always there will be a vase with juicy apples.
Vedic cuisine: principles of harmonious food
Ведическая кухня: принципы гармоничного питанияThe phrase "Vedic cuisine" came to Russian from India. In this exotic country the principles of Vedic cookery are popular and very demanded. Thus to learn to prepare according to canons of Vedic cuisine absolutely not difficult, and the majority of the demanded products can freely be bought in many shops.
Application of cinnamon for weight loss
Применение корицы для похуденияCinnamon most often is associated at us with fragrant rolls or fragrant pies. And it is not enough who reflects that this spice not only gives aroma to dishes, but also helps to become healthy and harmonous.
Spices – useful assistants in the house
Специи – полезные помощники в домеSpices and seasonings - irreplaceable assistants in kitchen at any hostess. But criteria of a choice of spices have to be not only on a flavoring sign and aroma, but also on useful properties. Today we will also talk about it.
Advantage and harm of sunflower oil
Польза и вред подсолнечного маслаNow it seems to us, what oil it was in Russia always – as it was possible to do without it in life? But it not absolutely so. Sunflower oil appeared in Russia at Peter I who, as we know, constantly adopted at the West all the most interesting and progressive.
How to prepare adjika
Как приготовить аджикуThat who is interested in house preparations, I suggest to taste adjika. Is not difficult to prepare traditional adjika in due form at all. As a part of the real Caucasian adjika there are some components and the way of their processing demands only patience and time, However to the unprepared person both the way, and taste of traditional adjika can seem to the slightly extravagant.
Winemaking in house conditions
Виноделие в домашних условияхGood binge, as well as good food, traditionally is considered a sign of wellbeing and hospitality at many people. If we address to history, we will see that in absolutely near past practically each country family independently made low alcohol drinks for the needs: various fruit liqueurs, brazhka, mead, fruit and berry wines.
How to prepare letcho
Как приготовить лечоAugustus for many hostesses month busy and busy. Abundance of vegetables and fruit at dacha, in the markets and in shops! Here also there comes favorable time for preparations for the winter. I very much appreciate time therefore I love recipes available. I also want to share one of such recipes. Time for preparation of letcho is required no more than an hour, and at the exit receive 3-3,5 liters of tasty salad.
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