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Useful tips on tourism and rest in the best resorts of the world. Here you will find everything that is connected with a choice of travel agencies, responses and the description of hotels, sanatoria, ski and medical resorts.
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Half a year of rest in Northern Goa with the child, ch.2 Rounds and excursions
Полгода отдыха в Северном Гоа с ребенком, ч.2Throughout the story about rest in Northern Goa I will open everything that it was succeeded to learn on own experience about life here, the benefit of 5 months of very quiet stay in India disposed to it. But about everything one after another … On an arrival in Goa for me with the kid search of suitable housing or at least a lodging for the night initially was a paramount task.
Half a year of rest in Northern Goa with the child Rounds and excursions
Полгода отдыха в Северном Гоа с ребенкомDuring the summer I managed to decide on the country – it, to great horror my native, there was India. Why it? Because India always attracted me the discrepancy and contrast, and the best time for visit of India – from November to March. In the middle of September active preparation began. When there is a specific goal, easier to work.
Where to go to have a rest in the fall? Rounds and excursions
Куда поехать отдыхать осенью?The fall, is time to have a rest?! We will help you to choose the country and month, the most comfortable for rest from the point of view of weather, the popular directions for active recreation and with children. Why you have to read this review? We made selection of the directions especially for autumn months, and over the concrete country you should not look for the necessary facts on all Internet.
Travel to Myshkin, city museum Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Мышкин, город-музейTraveling over the distant countries, we forget about treasures of the country. How many interesting it is possible to open for itself if more fixedly to peer into the cities imperceptible at first sight! Here and now I would like to tell readers of about our summer travel to one of the cities located on the bank of Volga – Myshkin.
Travel to Salzburg, Austria Rounds and excursions
Путешествие в Зальцбург, АвстрияSo far I deliberated where to go, my friend invited me on a visit to her relatives to Germany. Family rest was successful wonderfully well, but I would like to tell readers of about the biggest impression of short holiday – our two-day trip to Austria, home the well-known composer Mozart, to Salzburg.
Travel on Ah-Petri Rounds and excursions
Путешествие на Ай-ПетриI was in the Crimea in September, 2007 (the velvet season in the Crimea). We with the husband went to a honeymoon trip to Yalta. Beautiful city, the purest sea, mass of sights. But for me the brightest impression and still is travel on the mountain Ah-Petri. Also I want to tell of it to all readers of
Rest and sights of India (continuation) Rounds and excursions
Отдых и достопримечательности Индии (продолжение)The second – May – a trip dazzled with other kaleidoscope: water ripples on a pond of the Gold Temple in Amritsar – the city of Sikhs, the 45-degree exhausting heat of Delhi, ubiquitous monkeys, a wind in a face in a train sleeper, green valleys Chamby, tranquillity of snow tops round Dalkhuzi … The main thing that unites both trips – impossibility to leave India.
Plunge into sights of London Rounds and excursions
Окунитесь в достопримечательности ЛондонаIn Istanbul and Paris, in Athens and Rome guides begin sightseeing tours with words: "Istanbul (Paris, Rome, etc.) – the city of contrasts …". This phrase approaches the majority of the cities, but not London. I would begin excursion on the English capital with words: "London – the city of common sense …". City of century traditions and reasonable people.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, ch.2 References
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.2As you remember, in the previous article we tried to bring up some vital issues concerning purchase of the ticket, its correct interpretation and also lit a number of rules of transportation of children, baggage, animal. We continue our short review, and this time we will pay attention to that level of service which is offered on the Russian railroad today.
That it is necessary to know about the railroad, p.1 References
Что нужно знать о железной дороге, ч.1To tireless travelers all roads are good: someone goes by plane to see foreign types, someone goes by bus to suburban board to spend days of holiday in the native district and who is simply torn in a railway trip to the sea, dreaming of it all winter. Within this material we will talk about a railway trip.
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