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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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What movies to watch with the child Cinema
Какие фильмы посмотреть с ребенкомJoint family leisure – that can rally more strong, is better distract from efforts? Probably, only well thought over house program of entertainments. And if there is a wish to roll about simply in front of the screen, and it is healthy. I share own charts of family movies with readers. Of course, everything is subjective, but the grouped list, perhaps, will facilitate a task.
"My orders" – economy at work of the selected professionals Services
«Мои заказы» – экономия на работе отобранных профессионаловIf until recently search of contractors for private customers had chaotic and casual character, with the advent of the site "My Orders" there was an opportunity to speak about formation of civilized relationship between the employer and the chosen contractor. Service offered Internet users simple, but very effective model of search of performers.
Care of bees in the winter It is useful to know
Уход за пчелами зимойThe beekeeper has to understand that at most families the medosbor completely depends. The person of no character cannot lift a heavy bar. Same situation and in bee community. The more there will be a mass of the bees who left on wintering, the high probability of their safe flight and activity in spring time. There are some compulsory procedures.
How to get rid of mice It is useful to know
Как избавиться от мышейBefore a mouse "came" into private houses, lodged at dachas, respected hen houses. Now winters became severe, mice without ceremony climb to apartments, garages. They it is noisy are scraped at night, peregryzat wires, spoil the most different things and, at last, transfer horrible diseases. Whether it is worth saying that fight against rodents should be begun immediately!
How to behave on a visit It is useful to know
Как вести себя в гостяхThe invitation on a visit – isn't that so, the pleasant moment in life. A campaign on a visit, especially to earlier strangers – process a little disturbing, after all it is difficult to foresee interests and preferences of people with which you practically never communicated. To feel more surely and to avoid annoying misunderstanding, it is enough to know some rules of etiquette.
Compensation for unused holiday Work
Компенсация за неиспользованный отпускThe annual paid vacation – the rest time necessary for the worker for restoration of forces spent for work. Someone waits for it in a trip anticipation with a family at the sea, to the village, etc., and need of use of holiday "in nature" does not please others at all, and they would like to receive the corresponding monetary compensation instead of time of rest.
Training of children in fire safety regulations It is useful to know
Обучение детей правилам пожарной безопасностиChildren – the least protected group of the population from the fires as they have no certain knowledge, and also skills in the field of fire safety. Proceeding from it, the explanation to children of fire safety regulations is integral part of educational and educational process. Different age categories of children mean various methods and approaches to training.
How to remove and be protected from damage The unknown
Как снять и защититься от порчиFor the ignorant person to distinguish damage quite difficult. After all all of us got used to believe that behind a black strip the white will come. But how to be if still yesterday life seemed such fine and surprising, full of the pleasant moments and new achievements. And today troubles and diseases arise from nowhere and so suddenly that we simply do not manage to be prepared for them.
Independent studying of English It is useful to know
Самостоятельное изучение английского языкаThe question of studying of English rises almost sooner or later before everyone who at least once went abroad, communicated with the foreign partner in business or tried to watch the movie without the translation. I was influenced, probably, by all possible ways of studying of English, but effective for me were only some. Also I want to share the experience.
Review of the movie Pi's Life Cinema
Рецензия на фильм Жизнь ПиWhen Pi was still the young guy, his parents opened a zoo in India, however over time they were compelled to leave it. Having shipped a half of animals of the zoo on the ship, Pi's family went from India to Canada to begin there new life. But suddenly begun storm pulls down all – the ship, Pi's future, deprives of it a family and relatives.
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