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Rounds and excursions

Councils for rounds and excursions in the best resorts of Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece and many others, including on the organization of rest for children.
Rounds and excursions: all articles
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Rest in Cyprus
Отдых на КипреIf you were tired of silent beauty of the homeland and there is a wish for something bright and original, you quite will suit rest in Cyprus. It, being between Europe, Asia and Africa, absorbed in itself the most different cultures and customs of these continents.
We go to rest to the Czech Republic
Едем на отдых в ЧехиюIf opportunity to go somewhere suddenly was given for rest absolutely unexpectedly and eyes run up, without knowing on what to stop, and you consider yourself as the incorrigible romantic, you need to visit the Czech Republic by all means. You agree to romantic travel to the country of tile roofs? Then will not prevent to pay at all attention to some trifles that nothing spoiled rest in the Czech Republic.
Rest in France
Отдых во ФранцииOne of the most romantic countries of Europe still was and remains France. As they say, "to see Paris and to die". Nobody demands to die of us, but here to know some moments that without bitter adventures will not prevent to get to the country of three musketeers perhaps. will try to tell about those main questions which interest tourists at a trip on rest to France.
Rest in Goa
Отдых в Гоа suggests you to learn more about rest in one small, but not less attractive state of India – rest to Goa. On its western coast the beaches washed by waters of the Arabian Sea infinitely last. It is the quiet, conducting measured life staff full of harmony and the atmosphere of happiness.
About rest on Maldives
Об отдыхе на МальдивахMaldives – the islands of a coral reef located near the equator to the South from India. 1190 islands form the archipelago consisting of 26 atolls. In the center of this beauty the island of Male which is the official capital of the Maldives is located.
Rest in Thailand
Отдых в ТаиландеYou decided to have a rest? Want to get to the fairy tale? Country of the woods, jungle, exotic plants and gold beaches? Then your road lies to Thailand. Exactly here you will find all these miracles, only here such blue sea and the wild primitive nature.
Rest in the United Arab Emirates
Отдых в ОАЭThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the independent state, it was formed in 1971. The United Arab Emirates is the country with extraordinary high standard of living and not less high rates of economic growth today.
We gather for a ski resort
Собираемся на горнолыжный курортWith approach of winter persons interested to have a rest direct not only to the warm countries. It is a lot of also those who wants to conquer peaks on one of ski resorts. For beginners who for the first time want to try in this type of active recreation, it is useful to learn that it is necessary and to prepare for what on such trip.
Rest in Egypt
Отдых в ЕгиптеMany give preference to rest in the exotic countries. And therefore rest in Egypt with its rather small prices, the warm sea, a set of monuments of the most ancient civilization and the beautiful underwater world becomes the most attractive in this regard where the prices not so bite and where it is possible to have a rest according to the highest category.
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