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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
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How to increase the lexicon
Как увеличить свой словарный запасLiteracy of the speaking is defined by quantity and a variety of the used words. On storing of new words a lot of time leaves. And often there is a problem of their extraction from memory. There are many techniques of increase in a lexicon, however, as practice shows, some of them are effective, and some are not present.
With what to begin studying of English
С чего начать изучение английского языкаToday many people of different age and the social status often have a thought: "It is necessary to learn English!". For someone it is the urgent need connected with work, someone often goes abroad on rest, and someone simply wants to expand the knowledge, as they say, with prospect on the future.
How to work at unauthorized leaving of part
Как действовать при самовольном оставлении частиFrom the beginning of conscription, in each family having the young man of military age there are many problems. As state public organizations, still for most of recruits and their parents the agenda in a military registration and enlistment office is something it is similar to a bolt from the blue. As a result, having come up against real situations, many are lost, without knowing how to behave.
Independent learning of foreign language
Самостоятельное изучение иностранного языкаSpring – time of changes. Someone was going to visit the unfamiliar country during holiday, someone – to change a job, and someone and a residence. And for implementation of your plans you need to learn a foreign language. It is thought, some councils how it is better to organize independent work on learning of foreign language, will help you.
How to travel a self-locking device
Как путешествовать автостопомFor true romantics of the road. The self-locking device is and it is simple, and difficult at the same time. It not simply opportunity to travel about on highways without penny behind soul. The self-locking device is a way of life, it is a cult, it is the real religion of the road. will share only several, but the most important councils especially useful to those who for the first time goes to a way.
How to secure itself during night walk
Как обезопасить себя во время ночной прогулкиThe night city – is full of dangers. The stone jungle at this time of days leads absolutely other life, than in the afternoon. But it happens so that we need to pass on dark streets at night. The reasons can be different: there is no money for a taxi, medicine in the round-the-clock drugstore was required, the car broke. How to secure itself during the compelled night walk?
Exercises for diction improvement
Упражнения для улучшения дикцииWant to learn to speak so that listened to you with an open mouth and a delighted look? Or perhaps you want to act with success in audience? Perhaps, you wanted to have such specialty in which voice training and beautiful sounding is very important, but owing to backwardness and poor coloring of a timbre of the voice even do not try to master desired open spaces?
How free of charge to eat
Как бесплатно поестьThe student's life for free – familiarly, huh?! And whether know, the floor "freebie" from where was taken? They say that in the Jewish communities so called milk which on Fridays distributed to the poor. On the other hand, what, in general, the difference, from where is and went a freebie. Another is more important for the student. That life for free was successful. It was successful big letters – black caviar on red.
In total about tea
Все о чаеTea is known to mankind long ago – to the first mentions of it about 5000 years. However, despite ancient history and prevalence, many properties of this drink remain little-known. will tell about tea history, its impact on a human body, ways of a zavarivaniye and about some other details concerning tea.
As it is correct to vote
Как правильно голосоватьElection campaigns became the habitual phenomenon in modern public life long ago. They regularly replace each other, pouring over us waves of propaganda and promises. Vote or will lose! Remember this slogan? Well, and will add – vote correctly. And in loss you will not remain.
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This photo is made on the rooftop No. 26 on Nevsky Avenue on July 1, 1882. On it the staff of firm of Bell who just brought the Russia's first telephone exchange into operation. At the time of opening in Moscow and St. Petersburg there were about 130 subscribers.