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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Massage of a stomach for weight loss
Массаж живота для похуденияIf you think that massage is intended only for pleasure, are mistaken, with its help it is possible to restore the health and even to grow thin. Therefore if at you excess "fat" gathered on a place where there has to be a waist, address to beauty shop or complete a self-massage course.
Use of oil patchoulis
Применение масла пачулиEssential oils still are long since known to mankind thanks to variety of useful properties. They were used as drugs and cosmetology means, in an aromatherapy and the intimate sphere, for weight loss, by removals of a stress and other. After many years people did not forget about similar structures and in the modern world they acquire great popularity again.
How to strengthen nails
Как укрепить ногтиNot for nothing say that nails are a card of the woman, they not only show as far as the lady appreciates the appearance, but also reflect a state of her health. But bad nails are, at all, not a sentence. The fragile, exfoliating nails can always be helped both with salon, and with house conditions.
How to make a wedding make-up
Как сделать свадебный макияжThis gala and long-awaited day all looks are turned on the beauty bride, it is important to remember each detail: dress, veil, hairdress, jewelry and even make-up. It is the main highlight for many girls.
Arab make-up
Арабский макияжIt is impossible to challenge that fact that east beauty differs in special brightness, and all because for a long time girls of the East learned to put on a face decorative cosmetics skillfully. Accurate lines, dark colors and saturated paints successfully emphasize the most favorable features, do the woman irresistible and force many men to be wrapped in her following.
Use of oil of avocado
Применение масла авокадоOil of this exotic fruit cannot often be seen on tables and in first-aid kits of our compatriots. And in vain. Here the Mexican and Colombian tribes tried out avocado and oil from it more than 10 thousand years ago, and began not only to eat it, but also to be treated by it.
Advantage of oxygen cocktail
Польза кислородного коктейляThe bad ecological situation, especially in megalopolises, conducts to that the human body starts having a hypoxia, in other words, it does not have oxygen. Scientists thought up not natural methods of completion of oxygen in an organism, it and oxygen pillows, cylinders, and also cocktails for a long time.
As it is correct to make up eyelashes
Как правильно красить ресницыEyelashes for the woman – the special weapon. They serve not only protection of eyes against dust, a wind and the sun, but also decorate each woman. Eyelashes were always considered as a beauty standard therefore tried to allocate them with different ways.
Application of a root of a glycyrrhiza
Применение корня солодкиThe glycyrrhiza is an interesting herb which became famous for the curative properties from an extreme antiquity. Today it has at once some names – a sweet root, a liquorice, a solodkovy root, a smooth licorice and so forth. But each of them designates the same product, irreplaceable in medical practice.
ЛипофилингThe modern world makes quite great demands of appearance of the person. For this reason many exhaust themselves with constant diets and cosmetic procedures. However traditional ways sometimes are not able to cope with time and the nature.
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