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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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How to get rid of a hiccups
Как избавиться от икотыAll of us feel discomfort from the hiccups tormenting us from time to time. All people, future mother even hiccup can hear how in her stomach still the tiny kid hiccups.
Interpretation of biochemical blood test
Расшифровка биохимического анализа кровиWater occupies about 90% of the general composition of blood in an organism. It is sated with various substances are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, microcells, enzymes, salts. Thanks to biochemical blood test it is possible to receive detailed information on quantity of each of these elements.
How to get rid of worms
Как избавиться от глистовHelminths - in life call them the unpleasant word "worms" - are very hazardous to health of the person. Helminths live in the person, animals and plants.
Vitamins for women
Витамины для женщинTo each person to feel fresh, it is necessary to follow some simple rules: to spend time in the fresh air, properly to eat, lead active lifestyle and to accept vitamins. The female organism especially needs vitamins.
Psikhosomatika: to distinguish and cure
Психосоматика: распознать и вылечить"All sores from nerves!" - likes to use to say the senior generation, and in something our grandfathers and grandmothers, undoubtedly, are right. The nervous system sensitively reacts to slightest "zigzags" of our mood: lets, for example, on a body the indignation shiver when we are annoyed or forces skin to become covered by goosebumps if the person is pleasantly excited. Perhaps and, however, there is a sense "to treat nerves" before healing
Interpretation of the general blood test
Расшифровка общего анализа кровиTandem "the patient - the doctor" - unequal, though has a common goal: to diagnose a disease, to appoint suitable treatment, to win against an illness. The patient always occupies the conducted role, voluntary trusting the health to the doctor. All because we are so not informed in elementary questions of medicine, what even the leaf with results of own analyses seems to us continuous abracadabra.
Biorhythms of the person
Биоритмы человекаTime is so rapid that sometimes we are simply lost in its circulation. Minute is replaced hour, day – week, and month – year. After winter there comes the spring, and after a night-time dawn surely begins to dawn.
Smoking at pregnancy
Курение при беременностиThe miracle came true! In hands the test with treasured two strips. Excitement, happiness and at the same time fear for future child. I will consult? After all this event – the child's birth, the most long-awaited and desired in life of each woman.
Occupations by hippotherapy
Занятия иппотерапиейHorse – an animal surprising, differing in good nature, nobility, keenness. It can become the person the devoted friend. People since ancient times began to notice that communication and walks with horses positively influence a mental and physical state. Therefore rehabilitation and treatment of the person by means of horses began to be used widely in medical practice.
Newborn's reflexes
Рефлексы новорожденногоYou know, what the newborn baby is not completely defenseless? The nature was reinsured and allocated the little man with a number of reflexes which are capable to help it to survive in case of sharp change of conditions. Today will consider the newborn's reflexes separately.
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