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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to develop interest in reading
Как развить интерес к чтениюMany complain presently that children not to tear off from the computer, books do not read and do not wish, are not inquisitive. It is difficult to overestimate importance of reading and does not demand proofs any more. As well as that the inquisitive and reading person can only be more successful in study and, as a result, in future career (and in life). How to cultivate interest in reading to children?
Trip on rest with children
Поездка на отдых с детьмиThe long-awaited summer still so not soon, but is more pleasant those than thought of holiday. And, as we know, the best holiday is the well planned holiday. Especially, if you are going to go to have a rest with children. Therefore, planning family rest, find out for yourself some key moments connected with a trip and the organization of rest for themselves and the child.
Prevention of food allergy at the child
Профилактика пищевой аллергии у ребенкаThe allergy is today a serious problem which practically all parents face. In fact, the allergy is a response of an organism to influence of factors of environment which are perceived by it as potentially dangerous. Therefore already when planning the child, it is necessary to see to it reducing risk of emergence of food allergy in your child.
Scenario of the first birthday (1 year)
Сценарий первого дня рождения (1 год)In my opinion, the first birthday – special. It not only the first, but also the most important in the baby's life. The kid learned to see and hear world around, to recognize close people, to understand that it is pleasant to it, and that is not present. This holiday – also a celebration for parents. In our family there was no question of that, to celebrate or not. Of course, to celebrate!
Family education
Семейное образованиеThe family form of education is an only option of creation benevolent and friendly for today to the child of the educational environment which will be able to consider specific features and abilities of each pupil. Certainly, not all parents are ready to family form of education since responsibility for quality of knowledge will be conferred on their shoulders.
Food of the child from 1 to 3 years
Питание ребенка от 1 до 3 летI remember how I nursed the daughter, and entered into a squash feeding up a bit later. Now the baby has some and she already tried a set of various products. But, as we know, not all products are really useful to the child. The menu of the kid, first of all, has to correspond to his age. What products have to enter the child's diet?
Adaptation of the child to kindergarten
Адаптация ребенка к детскому садуThe situation when parents understand that need of visit by the child of kindergarten is dictated not by that there is nobody to leave it, and the positive moments of communication, development, behavior in society and other useful skills, has to become a standard. So, it is necessary to prepare as much as possible the kid both for new collective, and to new to a daily routine and rules.
How to prepare the child for school
Как подготовить ребенка к школеThe first school days for the child is not only new impressions and friends, but also the whole lots of obstacles which need to be overcome (lessons, homeworks). Expect it and the difficulties connected with transition to a new day regimen, acquaintance to new collective. All this and many other things needs to be considered when training the child for school.
That mother needs to know about health of the newborn
Что нужно знать маме о здоровье новорожденногоCongratulations are received, flowers are put in a vase, and you with the long-awaited kid at home. Of course, there are still grandmothers grandfathers and other relatives who cannot wait not only to nurse with the kid, but also to give you a lot of the most important information on leaving and education of future star. How not to "drown" in this stream of knowledge we and we will try to understand.
Heat and small child
Жара и маленький ребёнокUnfortunately, sometimes such long-awaited summer becomes in burden to both mothers, and children, namely when the thermometer shows for 30 degrees. In such days we do not enjoy in the summer, and we escape from it. Especially hard absolutely small kids transfer a heat. suggests to consider some aspects which mother of the kid needs to consider in hot days.
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