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Useful tips on different subjects which were not included into other sections. And as addition - reference books (telephone, address, medical, etc.).
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How to get rid of a food moth It is useful to know
Как избавиться от пищевой молиThe food moth as any butterfly, can meet in two forms: in the form of a butterfly or a larva. Larvae damage products, and their emergence – a signal that in your kitchen of mol will be soon everywhere! Therefore if you noticed a food moth, do not hope for a miracle, start fight at once.
How to find work without experience Work
Как найти работу без опытаHow to find work without experience? This question is especially actual for the students graduating from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. Systems of distribution as that are not present long ago, and destiny of each young specialist in his hands. Where to look for work if you have no experience, communications and the necessary acquaintances? It is necessary to knock at all doors not at random, and in full of a vseoruzhiya.
How to be prepared for a participle Religion
Как подготовиться к причастиюParticiple or the Eucharist – one of the main sacraments of Orthodox church which is necessary as a hobby not less, than for a body food and a dream. During sacrament bread and wine are applied by strength of the Holy Spirit in other body – the Flesh and Christ's Blood. Each believing person, coming to a participle, believes that through sacrament there is a unification good luck.
How to make a family tree It is useful to know
Как составить генеалогическое деревоGeneral hobby for family trees – not only a craze. In any case, there is a wish to think so. In the majority people, finding relatives and data on ancestors, subconsciously seek to learn themselves. This not only fascinating occupation, and opportunity to look at the life from other point of view. In a word, make a family tree of your family!
Gift to the woman for 50 years Holidays
Подарок женщине на 50 летFifty years – semicentennial anniversary. It is a lot of fine moments behind, but not less bright emotions and interesting impressions are waited ahead. At any age the woman remains the woman and is eager for unexpected, improbable surprises on the birthday. As it is original to congratulate the heroine of the anniversary in day of her fiftieth anniversary and to what to present a gift, I will tell in this article.
How to be protected from attack of dogs It is useful to know
Как защититься от нападения собакDog, of course, the friend of the person, about her devotion not in vain compose legends. But also in city line, and in rural areas vagrant dogs of whom it is better to steer clear meet. I will tell couple of stories on this subject. Once the close attention of a street small dog brought my acquaintance to a nervous hiccups. The dog obviously was adjusted aggressively, growled and grinned.
Independent studying of Italian It is useful to know
Самостоятельное изучение итальянского языкаYou would like to learn Italian. Why it? Perhaps you learn the fifth language, and it is possible, the Italian opera so responds in your heart that without language to you not to live. Or you simply wanted – interestingly and will not be superfluous. Anyway it is necessary to be defined, how many hours per week you are ready to devote to occupations and how many money can spend.
Gift to the guy for anniversary of the relations Holidays
Подарок парню на годовщину отношенийWe conducted small survey among unmarried men from 20 to 35 years. "That would you want to receive a question for anniversary of the relations?" nonplused them. And almost all agreed in opinion that you should not celebrate similar dates in a big way. Therefore, lovely girls, we advise to perceive anniversary as an occasion to arrange a holiday for two. And holidays as it appeared, men love …
What to do if the thermometer broke It is useful to know
Что делать, если разбился градусникMany of us in the home first-aid kit in a special case have a medical mercury thermometer called in the people simply by a thermometer. Thanks to it we learn body temperature at an indisposition. Quite often such measuring instruments of temperature break that throws witnesses of the incident into confusion.
Calculation of the sick-list Work
Расчет больничного листаThe procedure of payments of the sick-list is regulated by the Federal law No. 255-FZ of 29.12.2006. "About obligatory social insurance on a case of temporary disability and in connection with motherhood". The settlement period of the sick-list – two years preceding year in which at the insured person there came temporary disability.
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