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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to get rid of fear of public statements Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от страха перед публичными выступлениямиMany of us felt inconvenience and fear, to a greater or lesser extent, before performance on public. Such minutes it seems that it is better to fail or disappear, if only not to act, if only not to act. will help to get rid of a phobia, and in general will teach to break a storm of applause on the end of performance.
That irritates men in women Psychology of the relations
Что раздражает мужчин в женщинахWhat irritates men in women? A lot of things. And these things are not obvious to most of women. Well, will try to you, dear women to open eyes on your many words and actions which so are not pleasant to men. Who knows, quite possibly it will help you to keep the relations?
Change how to worry, forgive and to allow Psychology of the relations
Измена, как пережить, простить и не допуститьIn the majority partners wish to see each other as only. But cases when the same contracts collapse are unfortunately quite frequent. All right, statistics statistics but when such happens to you, it is necessary to undertake something to disaccustom him or her to break a ban. And will help you with it.
That irritates women in men Psychology of the relations
Что раздражает женщин в мужчинахHere you, men, live to yourself and do not guess why sometimes it is women, for normal as the behavior seems to you, take offense at you. After all you care of it, look after, and they … What in behavior of males so irritates lovely women? tried to understand this question.
Concern and as to cope with it Psychology of the personality
Беспокойство и как с ним справитьсяI think that the majority will agree with me if I tell that the condition of alarm, disorders, doubts is familiar to each of us. If we to ourselves constantly decide problems, we simply program ourselves and problems become such serious that the way out cannot almost be found. Give together with we will deal with the main reasons for concern and whether it is possible to cope with it.
How to keep the relations Psychology of the relations
Как сохранить отношенияSometimes in life there comes the moment when we meet the person, get acquainted, fall in love, we enter into the relations. At this time the world seems such sweet and carefree. How not to reach a parting phase how to keep good relations with the good person – Mirsovetov will tell in this article.
The female friendship – is or not Psychology of the relations
Женская дружба – есть или нетIt is possible to speak about female friendship much, but you hear more often that the female friendship is not present and cannot be! About it it is possible to argue and prove the return: the female friendship is, but only not for all. As is actually will try to tell on the example of our life situations.
How to get rid of fear of flights Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от страха перед полётамиAero phobia – rather widespread phenomenon which prevents many people to enjoy such fine phenomenon as flight. The people flying by plane often have a heavy psychological stress in time. Give together with we will understand how to overcome the fear of flights and to learn to transfer air travel?
How to beat off the girl (personal and others') Psychology of the relations
Как отбить девушку (свою и чужую)Imagine a situation: you like the girl, you want to be with her, but here an ill luck, it has a guy. Or another starts taking away your girl, and it at it starts turning out. What to do to remain not only not in loss, but also in a prize? Read more often, here you will be able always to find the necessary council for all occasions.
How to hold the man Psychology of the relations
Как удержать мужчинуGirls, present, you have a favourite young man and you are happy together. As suddenly in your life there is the third and is methodical, step by step starts taking away your darling. What will you do in this case to hold the beloved? Already I hear exclamations to destroy the competitor, so, what else opinions?
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