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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Types of arrows for eyes Beauty and health
Виды стрелок для глазIf you consider that by nature your eyes are not attractive – you should not be upset. Perhaps, you simply are not able to do the correct make-up. In this case to make eyes attractive shooters, different in a form, will help.
Nettle for health of hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Крапива для здоровья волосThat hair were beautiful, it is optional to buy expensive shampoos and balms, it is possible to ask for the help the mother nature. For example, one of the most useful plants for hair is the nettle dvudomny, of it do broths, infusions, masks. The advantage to hair the invaluable costs in a drugstore not much, and.
Advantage of a zabrus Beauty and health
Польза забрусаAll know about advantage of bee honey, much know of miracle influence of beeswax, but only units remember properties of a zabrus. Earlier about this useful waste product of insects almost all knew, but over time about a zabrus, as well as about many treasures of the nature, unfairly forgot.
Use of beeswax Beauty and health
Применение пчелиного воскаWhat you know of beeswax, besides, that honeycombs in beehives are constructed of it? Yes, it is used for production of candles, but it would be terribly unfair if such valuable product was applied only as an alternative to electric lighting. Today we will talk about use of natural beeswax and how it helps to find beauty and health.
Guash's massage Beauty and health
Массаж ГуашаGuasha - one of the most ancient methods of massage in the Chinese traditional medicine. Literally this name is translated as "to scrape off all bad". Masters of equipment use a special plate by means of which certain sites on a body of the person are processed. And the effect from such reflex impact on various points consists in creation of the strongest impulse.
Godzha berries for weight loss Beauty and health
Ягоды годжи для похуденияAdvertizing of products for weight loss always was actual. The infinite shouting headings promise fast effective weight loss in a magic way, and ways to get rid of extra kilos also much, as well as persons interested to find an excellent figure. But one product broke all records of popularity recently, and today advertizing with its participation can be met literally everywhere.
Advantage of potato juice Beauty and health
Польза картофельного сокаProbably, is not present in the world of people who would not love potato at all. The unique product from which it is possible to prepare tens dishes, and each of them will be in own way tasty and useful. But, cooking potatoes very few people think of extracting from it juice, and after all it can become excellent many diseases medicine.
How to make a hairdress a bow Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как сделать прическу бантикThe woman to be sometimes so difficult! Every day it is necessary to do a heap of cosmetic procedures to look beautiful. In addition it is necessary to watch a condition of hair. Also does not matter where you will go today, the hairdress always has to be accurate and beautiful.
Use of tonic for hair Hairstyles and hairdresses
Применение тоника для волосMost of the European women, trying to keep health and natural beauty of the hair, prefer to use instead of paint tonic. Similar means possesses the sparing properties, can be washed away in case of need and gives to ringlets a beautiful brilliant look. In this article we will consider in more detail that is hair toner in what its main advantages consist.
Types and treatment of a post-acne Beauty and health
Виды и лечение постакнеThe acne illness is a problem which is actual for many teenagers. Sometimes she mentions even people at mature age. Existence of the inflammatory process damaging thermal and epidermalny layers of skin is peculiar to this disease. Therefore on integuments some changes which sometimes very strongly disfigure the person are formed.
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