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Beauty and health

Councils for preservation of beauty and health. You will easily master rules of a healthy lifestyle, having learned useful information about necessary physical exercises and healthy nutrition.
Beauty and health: all articles
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Application of a saffron
Применение шафранаToday in the world hundreds and even thousands of various seasonings and spices are. On their background the saffron is brightly allocated. Even the name of this east spice blows as mysteriousness and refinement. Very few people know that this spice is applied not only in cookery, but also widely used in cosmetology, medicine and other spheres of human life.
Use of corn oil
Применение кукурузного маслаAll of us very much love sweet corn and we look forward when it keeps up to manage to take pleasure in special taste and to fill an organism with useful substances. But it is possible to make it only once in a year. And here to use the oil received from corn it is possible all the year round.
Fluoration of teeth
Фторирование зубовEvery time as tooth will ache, at each of us involuntarily slips thought: "And after all it was possible to avoid it!". And every time we very much try to think up a worthy justification to the fear of dentists. And meanwhile, there is a procedure for strengthening of teeth which and pains to you will not deliver, and will reduce number of your visits to the stomatologist.
What is the ozonoterapiya
Что такое озонотерапияFor the first time the ozonolecheniye began to be applied last century. And now, when the medicine does not stand still, curative properties of this substance began to apply everything more active. Thanks to use of ozone, such therapy possesses powerful action, and, according to most of doctors, the technique will replace the majority of medicines soon.
Use of cedar oil
Применение кедрового маслаIt is not necessary to confuse cedar oil which turns out by a cold extraction from nuts of the Siberian cedar, with essential oil which is extracted from wood. Nut oil is applied not only in cookery, but also in traditional medicine, and in cosmetology.
What is the blefaroplastika
Что такое блефаропластикаEach woman wants to be beautiful at any age, however over time there are irreversible processes, and first of all susceptible skin round eyes suffers. Constant stresses at work, bad ecology, improper feeding, influence of sunshine – all these factors bear negative changes. As a result there is a puffiness and flabbiness of skin under eyes.
Advantage of sea salt
Польза морской солиSea salt relatively appeared recently on shelves of our supermarkets, before it it was possible to buy only in specialized shops and at quite high price. And now it quite impressively differs at the price from usual, table salt though now is more available to the ordinary buyer.
Features of hardware manicure
Особенности аппаратного маникюраBeautiful well-groomed nails – these not only it is esthetically beautiful, in our modern time it also need. And today there are many various techniques by means of which it is possible to put nails in order as on hands, and standing.
What is the hydrotherapy
Что такое гидротерапияHydrotherapy – popular procedure which cured kings of antiquity and helps to keep health presently. The unique complex of medical and cosmetology actions is capable to return youth and to force to forget about the most unpleasant diseases. In this article we will tell how the person learned to use a natural power of water and why hydrotherapy is so useful to health.
Depilation by wax
Депиляция воскомThis procedure is considered popular, both among very young girls, and among mature women thanks to the simplicity and low cost. After such procedure hair grow more slowly, than and the long effect of smoothness of skin is provided.
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