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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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МагнитотерапияThere is such method of physical therapy called by a magnetotherapy. But not all know about it. Clear business that magnetic fields on a human body and animals have a certain impact.
Reasons of pain in a breast
Причины боли в грудиDiscomfortable feelings in mammary glands – one of the most frequent problems of girls and women of childbearing age. Elderly ladies face a breast pain much less often. In this regard a state women have a mass of questions because the discomfort in this delicate part of a body is very many-sided!
Treatment of an allergy to cold
Лечение аллергии на холодThe cold season is fraught with emergence not only catarrhal diseases, but also a so-called allergy to cold. What does the holodovy allergy represent? This type of an allergy in many respects differs from other allergic reactions. Therefore it is carried to pseudo-allergies. Statistically, about 30% of the population of the planet have allergic reaction to cold.
How to strengthen nervous system
Как укрепить нервную системуWill rescue hot milk with honey and a slice of butter from a sore throat, and tea from flowers of a camomile will help to fall asleep strong. These recipes are familiar to us since the childhood so we anyway will win against cold and we will quickly cope with sleeplessness. And what to do with nerves? Yes, with those which are not restored!
Hardening of children
Закаливание детейIf the child often has catarrhal diseases, and you were tired to listen to discontent of the chief concerning constant sick-lists, it is time as that to change a situation. It is easy to tell. And here is how to make it?
Apiotherapy (treatment by bees)
Апитерапия (лечение пчелами)For fifty thousand years before appearance of the person on our planet already there lived bees. Many rock paintings and prehistoric monuments indicate that, as our ancestors liked to regale a medical lump. And today the bee is considered nearly the best druggist, and treatment by bees practices around the world. Products which it makes, treat many diseases.
How to prolong an erection
Как продлить эрекциюThe man full-fledged and rich intimate life does self-assured. That it remains until health allows. Each man faces sooner or later a condition of the lowered erection which becomes a stumbling block for pleasures of sexual life.
Interpretation of the general analysis of urine
Расшифровка общего анализа мочиCharacteristics of urine can open an overall picture of a condition of urinogenital system of the patient. Moreover, research of urine gives to the doctor opportunity if not precisely to diagnose, to suspect certain violations of work of an internal and dysfunction of endocrine system.
ДельфинотерапияMany know that communication with dolphins for children and adults is useful and even is curative. After all we – part of the nature therefore the correct interaction with it can revitalize us.
How to choose contact lenses
Как выбрать контактные линзыToday every third person with a poor eyesight removes points forever to say goodbye to them, after all there is more convenient way to look at the world in all its paints - contact lenses. These soft "plateaus" from transparent material repeating a shape of an eye victoriously stride the planet - about 130 million people already gave in the world to them the preference.
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