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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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Education of the girl of the teenager
Воспитание девочки подросткаThe daughter, your beauty, the favourite grows in a family. You rejoice to its progress and together cope with small disorders. However time goes, and it is time to reflect that the child will enter awkward age soon. Differences of mood, a problem in communication with contemporaries, questions of intimate hygiene. In your forces to help the teenage girl to overcome this difficult period.
Socialization of the child in collective
Социализация ребенка в коллективеSocialization is a process which accompanies the person all life and begins practically with the birth. In this article we will tell about process of socialization of the child, about to what the child studies in his course, and also about problems which quite often arise during interaction with contemporaries, and how we, parents, can help the child to overcome these problems.
Day regimen of the newborn
Режим дня новорожденногоCare of the newborn child is intuitively clear to each woman and still many are alarmed before the birth of the kid. There are doubts: it will turn out or not, correctly I do or not. Most often it is connected with a lack of knowledge, information, the validating carried-out actions. This article for those readers who for the first time are going to become mothers.
How to teach the child to read
Как научить ребенка читатьRecently there were researches which authors claim that training of the child should be begun at the age of 3 years. After all from three-year age inclinations of spatial and logical thinking are formed. It allows to teach the child to reading bases rather easily. Having learned to read, the child to school will be able already to read books fluently.
Baby slings, types and carrying
Слинги, виды и ношениеMany young mothers do not represent in recent years the life with the baby without baby sling any more. But not everyone knows that this such and whether it is necessary to include a baby sling in the list of the things necessary for the newborn. suggests you to get acquainted with this rather ancient invention of mankind closer.
How to equip a nursery
Как обустроить детскую комнатуAll careful parents try to create to the beloved child the most beautiful and cozy room, sometimes forgetting about important points at its arrangement. In this article I want to pay bigger attention just not so much to design of the room, and such details which promote the correct development of the child, provide comfortable stay it there.
How to accustom the child to a pot
Как приучить ребенка к горшкуSchooling to a pot is very important and responsible point in life of each child. Sometimes many parents face a set of problems, and the pot becomes serious test for all family. Though if it is correctly to make everything, all process will go without problems. Let's try understand as easily and quickly to accustom the child to a pot.
How to choose walkers
Как выбрать ходункиFor today the uncountable number of all devices facilitating life of young mothers is created. Walkers also concern to them. Their variety sets parents thinking on rules of a choice: "What walkers are safe for the baby? What are more practical? What walkers will not do much harm to the child?". On these questions we will try to give a valuable advice in our article.
How to put to bed the child
Как уложить спать ребенкаFor children the dream has still bigger value, than for the adult. Especially on the first year of life when it is necessary to sleep not simply and to sleep much and fully. And if the newborn himself willingly falls asleep, children are slightly more senior (since 3 months) start standing on the hind legs. I want to give some advice to readers how to put the child to bed.
How to swaddle the newborn
Как пеленать новорожденногоPresently the question of swaddling is disputable. Compassionate grandmothers of kids stand up sticking more tightly – and will sleep as the baby! Pediatricians in turn recommend free swaddling - so the child develops quicker. Anyway, swaddling has advantages and shortcomings. Let's consider in more detail.
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