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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Ashes as fertilizer
Зола как удобрениеAshes as one of mineral natural fertilizers, esteem both gardeners, and gardeners. The ashes received by burning of different breeds of a tree and other natural materials are considered good natural fertilizer for the earth.
Landing and care of a freesia
Посадка и уход за фрезиейCharming flowers of a freesia can be grown up not only on a country site, but also in room conditions. Sometimes a plant call "a cape lily of the valley" as its aroma is slightly similar on landyshevy, and the homeland it consider the Cape region which is in South Africa.
Fight against the Colorado beetle
Борьба с колорадским жукомKnown for all listoyed the Colorado beetle, which scientific name of Leptinotarsa decemlineata, long ago and strongly secured reputation of the most dangerous wrecker of landings of potatoes. At times there are thoughts that it is best of all from insects is adapted for opposition with people. And if in time not to take effective measures, it is capable to deprive of a crop on big squares.
Jasmine, landing and leaving
Жасмин, посадка и уходAfter a three-week fragrance of a lilac in a garden fragrant relay is picked up by a jasmine. Sometimes flowers on a bush blossom so plentifully that leaves are hardly noticeable.
Landing and care of callas
Посадка и уход за калламиMany consider that refined callas with beautiful large leaves and flowers in the form of the ears framed as if with a cover can be grown up only in a greenhouse. Actually these plants can please you in the large flowers even on a garden site. The main thing to know features of these interesting cultures, their natural rhythm, and then you will be able to make friends with callas.
Landing and care of turnip
Посадка и уход за репойIt now turnip restricts potatoes on country sites. And here in pre-Pertine times the turnip was the main vegetable on a table at boyars, peasants – a yellow juicy tuber of a fir-tree crude, added to soup, bread, baked, cooked from it jam, and dried slices gave to children as a delicacy. You should not forget about turnip, to exclude it from food.
Cauliflower, cultivation and leaving
Цветная капуста, выращивание и уходThe cauliflower is ingredient of different dishes is an and vegetable soup, both ragout, and baked pudding. And preparations for the winter with a cauliflower love many. Now its fresh without effort can be bought in a supermarket. But grown up on the country site, it is much more tasty and more useful.
Forzition, landing and leaving
Форзиция, посадка и уходIf you want in already early spring (in April or May) for all month to observe how charming bright yellow or fiery orange flowers on a bush in your garden one by one reveal, put in it a forzition. wants to acquaint readers with this interesting plant and features of its cultivation.
Landing and care of a lilac
Посадка и уход за сиреньюLilac bushes always draw to themselves attention – in park, on the avenue, about an entrance, on a country site. Its value in beauty of inflorescences, a variety of their coloring, surprising aroma.
Lilies, landing and leaving
Лилии, посадка и уходAt gentle and refined lilies there are a lot of admirers wishing to part them in the garden. From the pleasant and fallen in love grades it is possible to create the whole collections which long time will fascinate and bewitch if it is correct to look after them.
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