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Working hours and time of rest Work
Рабочее время и время отдыхаThe labor code defines working hours as time of performance of the labor duties established in the employment contract. Duration of working hours is also regulated by employment policies and procedures of the organization or the individual entrepreneur and other local regulations.
Features of a part-time job Work
Особенности работы по совместительствуCombining jobs represents performance by the worker of labor duties from the main work in free time. The part-time job is continuous process and is made on the basis of the employment contract. Combining jobs happens external and internal that is stated in the Labour code of the Russian Federation.
Termination of the employment contract Work
Прекращение трудового договораThe termination of the employment contract means dismissal of the worker. Dismissal involves the termination of the labor relations between the parties which signed the employment contract, namely the employer and the worker. The labor code of the Russian Federation provided some bases of the termination of the employment contract, each of which has the features.
Order of filling of service records Work
Порядок заполнения трудовых книжекThe service record is the form of the strict reporting and acts as the main document reflecting data on work and the seniority of the employee. Each employer is obliged to provide maintaining service records if the worker worked in the organization more than 5 days. Rules of registration and filling of service records are regulated by the legislation.
How to find a congenial employment Work
Как найти работу по душеIn big cities real boom of educational services. People study all life, the concept of continuous education victoriously strides on the world. The highest you will surprise nobody with the second, the third causes respect, and the fourth, probably, will cause easy bewilderment, but no more. But the most important question in this race behind knowledge: "What do I want to do how to find a congenial employment?".
How to earn in the summer to the school student Work
Как заработать летом школьникуThe desire of school students of the senior classes to earn during summer vacation is very laudable. Both experience, and pocket money, is and still better, than the whole summer to play computer games. I would divide all ways of earnings available to the school student into two categories – standard and creative. What to prefer – to choose from them to you. I can tell one – there are no bad works.
Features of work of the druggist Work
Особенности работы фармацевтаSome people had a wrong opinion that the druggist selling all pharmaceutical goods is only the seller in a pure white dressing gown who is dexterously getting beautiful packings with a dragee, drops from a set of lockers. Than druggists are engaged? This article will be useful to those who wants to connect the life with medicines and treatment of patients.
Gift to the wife on birthday Holidays
Подарок жене на день рожденияNever forget about birthday of the wife. It is sacred date, exactly, as well as a wedding anniversary, birthdays of children. This article is written especially for husbands who consider that they – the best gift to the wife also are capable "to cause a stir" at birthday only in a banal bouquet of flowers. Give 5 minutes to reading of article and make to the spouse the real, capturing soul surprise!
How to learn to get up early It is useful to know
Как научиться рано вставатьDid not look through the last dreams yet, and the alarm clock already rings with might and main? Really night already flew by? Night ended, and there is a wish to sleep even more, than yesterday evening. Unfortunately, such situation meets today quite often. We offer you some councils in order that for the minimum time to get enough sleep most effectively and vigorously to rise early in the morning. plunge into "Secrecy of the investigation" with Anna Kovalchuk Cinema окунитесь в «Тайны следствия» с Анной КовальчукWhy people around the world so love series? First, the prolonged history allows to open characters of heroes better. Secondly, actors of the favourite television movie become almost second family over time. The easiest and convenient way of viewing of series is the video service. Here it is possible to watch round the clock soap operas and movies online in high quality.
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