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Useful tips on psychology are some kind of consultations on problematic issues of the relations in a family, between the man and the woman, developments of the personality and children's psychology.
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How to tempt the girl Psychology of the relations
Как соблазнить девушкуIn this article shares secrets of pikaper on a subject how to tempt the girl. By and large all tactics of conquest of the woman can be divided into 6 types. What way of a seducing of the girl you will choose for yourself, to solve to you. In the world there is no universal pill, each girl demands a certain approach.
How to be ideal couple Psychology of the relations
Как быть идеальной паройCertainly, each of us is at heart sure that his personal relations with an opposite sex will be close to ideal for people around, and first of all, for themselves. What is the ideal relations and whether they are possible in real life – on this subject the author of this article argues.
We fight against shyness Psychology of the personality
Боремся с застенчивостьюShyness results from the wrong education. Your parents in the childhood constantly went on to you: here do not go, do not do it. As such unflattering statements extended on the majority of your initiatives, your aspiration to do something was almost completely in depression. Therefore you had to do only that is important for your life or that parents wanted.
To women about female cunnings Psychology of the personality
Женщинам о женских хитростяхIt is considered to be cunning some act used with a definite purpose. The person is so arranged – the behavior, receptions can provoke the "necessary" situations. In the same article on you will not see the list only of the correct actions in relation to the woman. The author will make attempt to women to tell about subtleties of female behavior.
What to do with forgetfulness Psychology of the personality
Что делать с забывчивостьюYou want to present to the friends of the new acquaintance, and at the most inappropriate moment forget a name of this person. Or you carry out a good few of evening in search of the car on underground parking, not in forces to remember where it was left. To whom does not happen! But as these memory blackouts complicate life and spoil mood.
How to become rich Psychology of the personality
Как стать богатымFor certain, this question was asked to himself by each of us when there was no money to buy necessary or desirable. But not each of us found the answer to this, apparently, rhetorical question. For a start himself needs to outline konturno representation that means for you "to be rich".
How successfully to pass examination Psychology of the personality
Как успешно сдать экзаменProbably, it was necessary to each of you, and time you read this article, that, possibly and still it is necessary to pass oral examination. Pay attention that is not about written examination, namely about oral. How to use these features to receive a desirable assessment? will give you some consultations.
Delay and self-organization Psychology of the personality
Опоздания и самоорганизацияIf you were lucky to work as the chief, for certain you had to hear the most various justifications from the late employees more than once. If you not the chief and constantly are late for work or important meetings, and it becomes more difficult and more difficult to think out justifications, try to take advice from
How to get rid of jealousy Psychology of the personality
Как избавиться от ревностиThe jealousy something is similar to envy. It is mix of rage and feeling of own inferiority which torments you when you are eager to receive something, belonging to another. Usually envy and jealousy entangle and force to suffer people with the underestimated self-assessment. How to get rid of jealousy?
Indecision and decision-making Psychology of the personality
Нерешительность и принятие решенийTo stay at home and watch TV or to go to bowling club with friends? would like "to open eyes" for indecisive people: the more you are afraid to be mistaken, the it becomes heavier to make the decision. And it is not surprising. After all all of us want to have good work, a family, friends. But nobody managed to leave from a choice still.
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