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The useful tips concerning fashion trends on men's and women's clothing, a hairdress and hairstyles, perfumery and cosmetics. It is a lot of interesting about stylish accessories - belts, bags, points.
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Ways of removal of hair in the person Beauty and health
Способы удаления волос на лицеA face hair, especially if they quite dark, noticeable and them there is a lot of, it is always unpleasant. And each woman aspires quicker and any ways to get rid of them. On a face we will also tell today you about methods of fight against excess vegetation.
How to paste false eyelashes Beauty and health
Как наклеить накладные ресницыIf the nature awarded you with dense and long eyelashes – you were lucky. And what to do to what eyelashes are not allocated? False eyelashes are for this purpose thought up. They will give to your look of expressiveness and is visually open eyes.
How to remove a rust from clothes Clothes
Как удалить ржавчину с одеждыIt is known that most the removed spot from all possible is difficult is a rust. And having seen it on clothes of the members of household, many hostesses very much are upset and often consider that the only right decision – to throw out. But it not so. Actually there are very many ways which will help to get rid of a rusty spot on any clothes.
Egg face packs Beauty and health
Яичные маски для лицаMy mother began to apply various egg face packs after forty. And on the basis of its experience I can tell surely – they really help. Besides, it is very easy to prepare them in house conditions, and the main ingredient for certain will be in each kitchen. Today decided to learn in more detail a secret of eggs and to choose the most popular and effective face packs.
How to choose glasses in a shape of a face Accessories
Как подобрать очки по форме лицаPoints are intended for correction of sight of the person. But it was earlier. Now this accessory is as well an element of an image which will emphasize identity of the person and will give it a certain gravity.
Application of a fresh-water sponge from spots Beauty and health
Применение бадяги от прыщейFresh-water sponge – one of miracles of the mother of the nature. Many consider it as a plant but very few people know that actually a fresh-water sponge – an animal. This ordinary-looking inhabitant of water depths has a set of positive properties. Today the whole series cosmetic and medicines from a fresh-water sponge is developed. Today will tell how it is applied to treatment of spots.
Make-up for green eyes Beauty and health
Макияж для зеленых глазWith what only epithets did not present green eyes: witch, magical, rusaloch. Such color of a raduzhka meets quite seldom and difficult to argue with that the similar shade is considered one of the most beautiful. And if, besides, it is correct to emphasize it by means of cosmetics, from the green-eyed beauty it will be difficult to look away.
Ionoforez Beauty and health
ИонофорезMany women with vigilance treat hardware cosmetology, especially, if the principle of work consists in impact on skin electric current, as at an ionoforeza. But experts claim that it not only is not dangerous, and on the contrary, it is very useful for skin.
Plucking out of eyebrows thread Beauty and health
Выщипывание бровей ниткойWhat woman does not dream of the ideal line of eyebrows? But all know that it is possible to achieve it only by continuous correction. Quite original way of an epilation which can be used both for eyebrows came from India to us, and for any site of the person is a plucking out by the most usual cotton thread. As — today also we learn.
How to lay a bang Hairstyles and hairdresses
Как уложить челкуThe bang for each woman is a small tool by means of which it is possible to change the hairstyle and to become more attractive. But so happens that not each woman is able to dispose of the bang, and in inept hands it can spoil any even the most stylish hairdress at all.
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