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It is useful to know

Useful information and councils on different cases of life. They will tell you what to do and how to arrive in this or that life situation. It is necessary and it is useful to know, it is useful to you.
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Choice of the traumatic weapon
Выбор травматического оружияWe continue a cycle of articles devoted to self-defense and behind already there were stun guns and gas sprays. As Al Capone spoke: "The gun and the kind word it is better, than simply kind word". Today we will try to sort as far as this expression is applicable to self-defense, and we will talk about the traumatic weapon.
Choice and application of a gas spray
Выбор и применение газового баллончикаThe invention not new also goes to the Stone Age. Already in those days ancient people realized that some substances very not bad drive away various ill-wishers. In this article will continue the story about the means of self-defense allowed by the law which can be found on counters of shops and this time conversation will go about gas sprays.
We study business English
Учим деловой английскийThis article does not apply for the ultimate truth. You probably will not find in it ready solutions. It is rather an information to reflection which either will accept, or will reject. Let's understand a question of studying of business English, or as still speak - English for business.
Choice and use of the stun gun
Выбор и применение электрошокераThese small black boxes with the acting electrodes under the name stun guns are known, perhaps, practically for everything. The principle of action in a people at large is known as following: electrodes of the stun gun it is rested against a body of the enemy then we press a small button of turning on of this device, and the high voltage puts the offender out of action at all.
Weapon choice for self-defense
Выбор оружия для самообороныIn our life we can be crossed with a large number of people, whose attitude towards us sometimes not the friendly. At a meeting with such persons to the ordinary person can have very not with pleasure. Therefore to win street fight can be useful various weapon for self-defense. What here can enter?
How to acquire English grammar
Как усвоить английскую грамматикуCame it is time to understand that such grammar. After all it is taught a little differently everywhere. When you precisely understand that such grammar, will be able to distinguish the ways of its studying which were more suitable for you from less suitable, faster from slow, so, will be able to acquire it quicker and easier.
How to make English the second native
Как сделать английский вторым роднымHere also passed the first two weeks of new 2009th year. For someone these days, were workers, someone had a rest still, someone started performance of working tasks. But after all each of us not only has working plans for this year. There are plans and personal. And one of points of the plan at many people – to learn or finish learning English this year.
We learn in the different ways English
Учим разными способами английский языкIn the world there are a lot of different techniques of training in anything. Technologies develop with a high speed, getting into different spheres of activity of the person. Let's consider advantages and shortcomings of every way of studying of English separately. Thus we will lay aside only one – training at trip abroad. We will be trained "at home".
How to get additional education it is free
Как получить дополнительное образование бесплатноShould choose a profession the majority of us at early age. Seldom who guesses the calling at once, often people are compelled to be engaged not subjects that is pleasant or brings in the good income. To replace a profession not so simply, especially, if there is no necessary knowledge and skills. We will help you to change life by the best time without special expenses and money.
How to find the partner in dances
Как найти партнера по танцамSpeak about dance differently. Dance is an expression of that at you inside. Dance – one of possible ways to understand itself and to become by itself. The great American dancer Martha Graham considered dance as secret language of soul, and Friedrich Nietzsche possesses words: "We have to consider lost every day in which we did not dance at least once".
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