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Councils for the solution of problems in the field of medical ethics, to a choice of healthy food, prevention of an allergy and another is much.
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Use of tincture of an ekhinatsea
Применение настойки эхинацеиLong since Aesculapians considered that huge salutary reserves are hidden in a human body. It is necessary to know only how it is correct to stimulate them. Harmonious and effective work of immune system allows the person to overcome any disease. And equal not to find an ekhinatsea in this area.
Scale Apgar: assessment of a condition of the child
Шкала Апгар: оценка состояния ребенкаAt once after the birth each kid passes the first in life test – points are exposed on the Scale Apgar here. Such estimated system was created specially that doctors could draw the first conclusions on a condition of the newborn.
First aid at poisoning with mushrooms
Первая помощь при отравлении грибамиWhether you know, what from 3000 species of shlyapochny mushrooms only 400 it is possible to eat without fear to please on a hospital bed? Unfortunately, such figures of very few people frighten, and every year all new "echelons" of mushroom pickers ransack on the woods in search of infinite mushroom treasures. And every year the statistics sums up the unfavourable results, reporting about number of victims, by mistake of tried "not that" a mushroom...
Cryotherapy: treatment by cold
Криотерапия: лечение холодомCold - one of the most uncontrollable forces on light with which the person in the course of evolution learned to coexist quite successfully. Really to bridle a severe frost and to force it to work for the benefit of human health as the scientist it was possible with the invention of a cryochamber.
Spasms in feet
Судороги в ногахHappens that calves of feet of a foot or hips suddenly suddenly are penetrated by intolerable pain. I believe that such unpleasant feelings are familiar to much. If spasms in feet happen seldom, incidentally, that especially you should not worry.
Use of birch tar
Применение березового дегтяI hold a small flakonchik which contents solve a set of problems in hand. Today our conversation will go about a preparation with which in old times treated practically all illnesses, it is birch tar. In article we will tell you, against what diseases it is possible to win, applying birch tar and it is the as correct most to prepare medicine.
Norms of weight of the newborn
Нормы веса новорожденногоThe first months of life of the child for young mother are always fanned by if not fears, then fears, and these fears actually always begin with the words "Whether and It Is Normal …". Further the followed question can sound somehow.
Gripes at the newborn
Колики у новорожденногоNine months of expectation, fight, childbirth. In total behind, mummy with the kid already at home. All are happy, but … the kid constantly cries and sleeps badly, he is tormented by gripes. Newly made parents are glad to help the kid, but do not know as. will tell young parents that such gripes at the newborn and how to facilitate life of the kid.
ЭлектрофорезMedicines can be injected in an organism in the different ways. For example, through a mouth, a muscle, a vein, skin, a rectum … But there is one more procedure allowing to deliver medicine in the right place, called by an electrophoresis. Whether but everything the electrophoresis is useful?
Spermogram: interpretation of results
Спермограмма: расшифровка результатовSpermogram – today the most usual procedure. When couple long, but vainly tries to bring the child, the analysis of sperm allows to confirm or disprove the probable diagnosis of man's infertility.
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The laser gun with a pyrotechnic lamp flash. It is developed in 1984. Monument of science and equipment of the 1st category (certificate No. 448).