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Help section on drugs. We will tell, what medicines (tablets, ointments and so forth) use for treatment of various diseases. Instructions and contraindications to application.
Drugs: all articles
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National calendar of preventive inoculations
Национальный календарь профилактических прививокThe ordinary situation was the cause of writing of article: in kindergarten collected from parents of the signature under a consent to an inoculation of Hiberiks. Many signed. Whether it was worth undersigning for the document so precipitately?! What inoculations are obliged to do to our children? What we have the right to refuse? ALL parents caring about health of the kids have to ask such questions to themselves.
Structure of the children's first-aid kit
Состав детской аптечкиChildren's diseases possess feature to overtake us, parents, unawares. In the house where there is a child, surely there has to be a children's first-aid kit. Children's. First, because the most part of drugs in such first-aid kit is rather specific, and secondly accidentally not to mix among themselves the medicines of the same name with different dosages.
We make the home first-aid kit
Составляем домашнюю аптечкуFor this article we will allow the following: you – not the doctor and not the person of an extreme profession (differently you and so know everything that is necessary on this matter); drugs and medical assistance in principle are available, but not necessarily instantly (that is you not on the desert island, but the drugstore can be closed concerning a holiday, and fast to get stuck in a stopper).
Effect of Viagra
Действие ВиагрыMirsovetov wants to draw attention to a medical preparation which is very widely advertized recently is a Viagra. Its popularity grows in a geometrical progression and almost each man considers a duty to be influenced by his action. According to pharmacists of the drugstores working round the clock, one of three goods demanded at the night, Viagra is.
Melatonin as sleeping pill and not only
Мелатонин как снотворное и не толькоSleep badly at night? Often fly by planes and cannot get used to change of time zones? Easily catch a cold? Do not hurry in a drugstore behind sleeping pill. Do not hurry to swallow of antibiotics. Do not turn uselessly in an uncomfortable bed. Perhaps, you will be helped by Melatonin.
Use of Furasolidone
Применение ФуразолидонаResearches show that such causative agents of several infectious diseases as a dysenteric stick, bryushnotifozny bacteria, trichomonads and lyambliya are most sensitive to Furasolidone. Besides, Furasolidone is applied at infection of wounds and burns and even to treatment of chronic alcoholism.
Use of paracetamol
Применение парацетамолаParatsetamol is widely used not one decade in all countries. Well advertized Efferalgan, Panadol is the same well to us the acquaintance Paratsetamol. It is capable to kill any pain (tooth, a headache, migraine, pain at burns and injuries) and has very good febrifugal effect.
Use of aspirin
Применение аспиринаMost likely, presently you will not meet the person who though once in life had not to take Aspirin. Already more than century Aspirin is used in medicine as febrifugal and sedative. This inexpensive and very effective medicine for certain will be in a family at everyone in the home first-aid kit.
Treatment by Prostamol
Лечение ПростамоломProstamol constantly advertize on the TV. One doctors consider that it can be only a supportive application at treatment of adenoma of a prostate, and others the absolutely return. Let's find out in detail when Prostamol is applied as works and whether really he is so good as advertizing promises.
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