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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Occlusion: reasons, diagnostics and treatment
Окклюзия: причины, диагностика и лечениеIn a literal translation from Latin the unclear word "occlusion" means "concealment", and the term indicates a state when something, being usually in open form, for any reason at the moment for time is closed.
Treatment of atherosclerosis
Лечение атеросклерозаAtherosclerosis call a chronic disease of elastic and musculoelastic arteries of large and average caliber. It when in a vascular grid start accumulating atherogenous (causing deformation) develops blood plasma elements.
Treatment of a tunnel syndrome
Лечение туннельного синдромаThe painful feeling was hit the name of a tunnel syndrome in the hand wrist provoked by long work behind the computer today. It is a professional illness of freelancers, programmers, web designers, journalists, secretaries and other people which activity is connected with computer technologies.
Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis
Лечение хронического пиелонефритаChronic pyelonephritis call an inflammatory disease of kidneys. In a type of features of anatomy this disease women and girls most often have. In general chronic pyelonephritis is considered the most widespread disease of kidneys.
Treatment of dysbacteriosis
Лечение дисбактериозаStatistically about 90% of adult population and more than 95% of children become hostages of dysbacteriosis today. Advertizing of preparations which quickly and qualitatively restore health of intestinal microflora, already "dinned" to us into the ears! Nevertheless that such a bacteriosis, many imagine very foggy and figuratively. Why our intestines "are ill" and as to help it, tell
Treatment of chronic pancreatitis
Лечение хронического панкреатитаChronic pancreatitis represents a pancreas inflammation. Quite often the people having this disease go to the doctor at an aggravation. Thus the disease can already last some years. During this time patients quite often self-medicate that is very hazardous to health and fraught with sad consequences.
Treatment of a gingivit
Лечение гингивитаGingivit - the most widespread inflammatory disease of the fabrics surrounding tooth. Most often children, teenagers and young people who it was not executed also to thirty yet face it.
Polyps in a nose, removal and treatment
Полипы в носу, удаление и лечениеPolyps though are small educations, but discomfort which they bring, very unpleasant. Polyps call a benign tumor which usually starts growing in bosoms of a nose and goes down in a nose cavity. Thus they close respiratory pass. Because of it there are trouble breathing. Quite often is the reason of chronic fatigue and sometimes and the reason of deterioration of hearing.
Treatment of a fibroadenoma of a mammary gland
Лечение фиброаденомы молочной железыIn an overall picture of pathological conditions of mammary glands a certain place is taken by good-quality nodal new growths. The most widespread diseases because of which women address to the doctor, experts call a nodal form of a mastopatiya, fibroadeny and a cyst. We will in detail tell about features of treatment of a fibroadenoma in our today's article.
Treatment of chronic colitis
Лечение хронического колитаChronic colitis represents inflammatory process which proceeds in a mucous membrane of a thick gut. Thus in the mucous there are various changes, in particular, changes of inflammatory, atrophic and dystrophic character.
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