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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
Family: all articles
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Career and family in the woman's life
Карьера и семья в жизни женщиныLong since the arisen stereotype about a role of women remains in our subconsciousness. Certainly, by the nature the woman is, first of all, mother, the keeper of a home. But all of us refuse to stay at home and raise children more often, we have not enough to be simple the "neck" directing the man, we assign to ourselves as well a role of "head". What it is more important for us?
Preparation of a breast for feeding
Подготовка груди к кормлениюCracks on nipples appear in the first days of feeding. Emergence of cracks possibly at bad personal hygiene, the increased dryness of skin, a lack of vitamins. But is more often because of the wrong applying of the kid to a breast. Preparation of a breast will help to avoid completely or to minimize emergence of cracks.
Joint life after a wedding
Совместная жизнь после свадьбыLove – the finest feeling. It inspires and gives force. And here, there comes the most important and disturbing point – the offer of a hand and heart. For successful joint life it is necessary to be guided not only feelings, but also reason. What to do if you did not live together, but decided to establish a family?
How to explain to the child, children from where undertake
Как объяснить ребенку, откуда берутся детиSince that moment as in your family there was a child, you have to stipulate with the spouse or the spouse how you will tell the kid from where children undertake. It is not necessary to hope that the child himself learns and that at school there will be anatomy lessons. Business delicate, will be required to you only unperturbably, briefly and most informatively to answer the child the asked question.
We choose footwear for the child
Выбираем обувь для ребенкаHow to choose footwear for the child? It would seem, a simple question. We choose bright boots, a fashionable style, a beautiful fastener and all. However everything is not so simple. If to pay attention only to esthetic appeal of footwear to the kid, it is possible to receive not one problem with health. At the wrong selection of footwear weak bones and teams of the kid are very easily deformed.
What books to read to children?
Какие книги читать детям?Children's literature is a richest fund of the domestic and foreign works calculated on different age groups. Quite often on the trailer page of the book it is possible to find a mark "for reading by parents to children", "for preschool age". And it is necessary not only to find the interesting book in this abundance, but also to understand as far as it will be available to the child.
How to make the proposal to the girl
Как сделать предложение девушкеWhat, at last decided to leave barchelor life? Well, sooner or later such moment comes in life of each man. Ahead wedding efforts, a choice of a suit and other, but … before it it is necessary to make one important thing – directly the offer to marry. Ways for this purpose – a set. We will offer some interesting and original options.
Registration of guardianship and adoption of the child
Оформление опеки и усыновление ребенкаThe people who assumed a difficult and responsible role of adoptive parents are worthy all respect. The decision on guardianship or adoption of the child has to be comprehensively considered and coordinated with all members of household. The rush, even kind, is inappropriate here. Fleeting pity will soon turn back heavy moral and physical activities.
Choice of preschool institution
Выбор дошкольного учрежденияFor anybody not a secret that preschool education promotes development of communicative abilities of the child. But there is a mass of ardent opponents of kindergartens. But you should not forget that presently there is a mass of alternatives. So, we will consider what preschool institutions happen, and we will try to answer a question – how to make a right choice.
Feeding of the child mix
Кормление ребенка смесьюAll know that the most healthy food for the kid is a breast milk. But there are different situations when it is necessary to pass to the adapted mixes. It only from outside seems easy process. Actually this process very difficult, it it is necessary to organize correctly that mother could at any time when the kid asks to eat, give it a small bottle.
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