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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Maiden grapes, landing and leaving
Девичий виноград, посадка и уходIt is possible to call maiden grapes the most popular decorative liana in the Russian gardens. This is the leader among all lianas in sales – confirm pitomnikovoda. To them decorate balconies, mesh fences, fences, columns, arbors, sheds and other hozpostroyka.
Application of a rhodiola pink
Применение родиолы розовойThe miracle plant known to residents of Russia under the name "Gold Root" literally works wonders. Thanks to an extract from a plant of a rhodiola pink it is possible to get rid of many diseases, including, to improve health and to strengthen nervous system.
Akvilegiya, landing and leaving
Аквилегия, посадка и уходFrom the thirteenth century in monastic gardens flowers of grassy perennial of an akvilegiya – yellow, blue, lilac, red dazzled … British too like to grow up this plant. And so many grades are now created that the akvilegiya gains popularity in the different countries again.
Fight against a medvedka
Борьба с медведкойRecently from hardworking summer residents even more often it happens to hear that their sites were tortured by a medvedka. To tears happens offensively to see consequences of dirty tricks of this glutton, round holes in soil. Gardeners on beds will put in the spring the seedling which so diligently looked after, and in some days it is found out that at obgryzana plants backs, sprouts therefore shoots perish …
Useful properties of blueberry
Полезные свойства голубикиIn July-August the close relative of bilberry which size of berries much larger is a blueberry keeps up. It not only is tasty, but also it is considered a valuable herb, a source of microcells and vitamins. Especially it is recommended for prevention of emergence of new growths and violations of blood circulation.
Advantage of sheet salad
Польза листового салатаIn the early spring when few fresh vegetables and fruit, and in our organism are felt a lack of vitamins, do not forget about beautiful green leaflets of salad which easily and can quickly be grown up on beds. And in summer months, having a gryadochka of sheet salad, you will be able to do every day different salads with medical juicy leaves.
Medicinal properties of a magnolia vine Chinese
Лечебные свойства лимонника китайскогоIn recent years on country sites of some gardeners it is possible to meet the beautiful liana in the spring covered white (or slightly pink) flowers, and by September giving roundish or oblong red berries. It is a magnolia vine Chinese or a shizandra. At a plant there are a lot of medicinal properties, the Chinese physicians defined it on the second place of honor after a ginseng known for all.
Medicinal properties of a wormwood
Лечебные свойства полыниNow many carry a wormwood to high weed plants, and the most bitter. And after all for a long time in the people esteem and appreciate a wormwood bitter, consider this grass as means from 100 illnesses, calling it still Vermouth, bitterness, glistniky, nekhvoroshchy, an artemiziya. Many advantages of a wormwood are proved and recognized as official medicine. Its scientific name - Artemisia absinthium.
Cultivation of cape gooseberry
Выращивание физалисаMany gardeners grow up on the sites an ornamental plant the cape gooseberry having bright orange "small lamps". But, it appears, is also other species of cape gooseberry which can be eaten, they are very useful. By the way, the sweet types having taste of wild strawberry or pineapple very much are pleasant to kids.
Lion's pharynx, landing and leaving
Львиный зев, посадка и уходAt the time of my childhood the unpretentious lion's pharynx could be met in a front garden or a flower bed of almost each private house. Then children called its flowers "doggies". Much later I learned other name of this plant – antirrinum big.
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